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10 Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Some of us begin our homeschool journeys with more than one little one in our home. I was pregnant with our third when we began to formally homeschool our oldest child and like many others I had visions of a happy houseful contentedly finishing their school work with...

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Why Exempt Oregon Homeschoolers From Testing?

OCEANetwork submits bills to the Oregon legislature to eliminate testing requirements for homeschoolers (such as SB 809 and HB 3446). Why do we care? What is wrong with testing? Absolutely nothing. Testing is a tool for measuring academic progress. It can identify a...

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Rabbit Trail Education: Embracing Delight-Directed Learning

"Carol,” my friend quizzically began, “what are you and your kids painting on the wall of your garage?” My children and I were throwing large orange brush strokes over the white drywall.  “This is our recreation of the Aurora Borealis in Alaska!” I gushed. “Wow....

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