A brief history of the OCEANetwork

Founded in 1985, OCEANetwork is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ through supporting, encouraging, protecting and advancing home education in Oregon.

In 1996, OCEANetwork incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Oregon. The board of directors is made up of homeschool families who volunteer their time and effort so that others may give their children a quality education at home. Other families also volunteer their time to help with the annual conference, regional workshops, special activities and Home Education Week.

Since 1985, OCEANetwork has kept a legislative watch both during the bi-annual sessions, and in the interim (non-legislative) years. Lest we take the freedom to direct our children's education and upbringing for granted, we are reminded that every year and every session someone challenges the belief that parents are the best teachers for their children. Sometimes these challenges are handled by simple education. Some years it becomes a major battle. God has won the battles every time. If you're interested in the items we are currently watching visit our "alerts" page.

On a national basis, OCEANetwork networks with Home School Legal Defense Association to monitor Federal legislation that would impact home educators. We lobby on homeschool freedoms and parental rights issues both in Oregon (the Oregon offices of our congressmen) and in Washington, D.C. where we emphasize not just freedom for Oregon, but for all parents.

Since 1996, OCEANetwork has hosted the Oregon Christian Home Education Conference. This event personifies the work of OCEANetwork. Families come together from all over the state to honor God and to be exhorted in their efforts. They encourage one another, hear nationally known speakers, and take home a vision of strong Christian families raising their children in the nurture and instruction of the Lord. It's never to early (nor too late) to plan to attend the conference. We invite you to visit our conference page.

OCEANetwork strives to encourage families from all walks of life and from all corners of the state. To help us in this goal, more than 50 support groups affiliate with OCEANetwork. The groups pass on local news to us and they forward news, events, and political action information from OCEANetwork to their families. If you'd like to find the local affiliated support group search by zip code. If your group is not affiliated with OCEANetwork and you would like to be visit our support group affiliation page.

All OCEANetwork publications are available to anyone and are from a forthrightly Christian perspective. They are available on this site from the Articles and Publication Archive. Three times a year OCEANetwork publishes OCEANetwork Waves, our magazine full of encouragement, inspiration, and helps for Oregon homeschoolers. Sign up to receive OCEANetwork Waves free of charge.

You can contact OCEANetwork at:
Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network
17985 Falls City Rd.
Dallas, OR 97338

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