UNCRPD, U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Title: Calls needed today opposing UN CRPD
Summary: Call Senators Wyden and Merkley today, November 4th.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on the United Nations Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities will hold a hearing on the Convention Tuesday, November 5th. Michael Farris has been invited testify. Read his summary of why this treaty is dangerous in the background below.

Call Senators Wyden (202-224-5244) & Merkley (202-224-3753) today, 11/4/2013, and ask them to oppose the UNCRPD.


The following by Mike Farris (HSLDA) is a good explaination why the US should not ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Obama Administration claims that this will not change U.S. law nor represent a surrender of our sovereignty. Of course, this same Administration promised that everyone could keep their existing health care policy.

The truth is that a treaty becomes a part of the Supreme Law of the Land. All state laws on parents and children that conflict with this treaty will be overridden by the treaty. (Read Article VI of the Constitution.)

The biggest conflict between this treaty is the rule on WHEN the government has the ability to override the decisions of parents who have children with disabilities. Under current state law, the decision of parents can only be trumped by the government AFTER proving that the parents have harmed the child or are unfit.

This treaty changes that rule. Under the UNCRPD the government has the power to override a parents decision in EVERY CASE. That is what the document means when it says that the "best interest" of the child shall be binding in every case.

For more information on the UNCRPD visit ParentalRights.org , and the HSLDA pages on the UN CRPD.

Here's a good article on some of the ways the UN CRPD has been enforced in other nations and implications for the United States if we ratify the UN CRPD.

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