Brian Ray

Dr. Brian Ray

Dr. Brian Ray is a leading international expert in research on homeschooling and president of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). He has published numerous articles and books, is interviewed by major media, serves as an expert witness in court cases, and testifies to legislatures regarding education. He is a former university professor and classroom teacher. He holds a Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State University. He is a church leader. Brian and Betsy have been married 39 years, have eight children who were home educated, run a small farm, and have eight grandchildren.

Brian’s Workshop Session 

Homeschool Child Abuse, Government Control, and Homeschool Freedoms 

What should be the civil government’s role in protecting our homeschooled children? What should our response be to government intervention or to legislation creating pre-emptive dragnets to try to catch parents before they do evil things to their children? Dr. Ray will lay out core scriptural principles to answer these questions. He will also explain the findings of his brand-new study showing that the degree of state regulation (control) of homeschooling is not related to the frequency of abuse of homeschool children. Further, evidence suggests that public school children are at greater risk of abuse and other harm than are the home educated. Inform yourself with statistics and biblical philosophy!  

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