June 23 & 24, 2017
Portland, OR
Here is the overall schedule for the 2017 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference June 23 & 24, 2017.

Please note the later than usual opening and ending times on Friday June 23rd. We've rearranged the opening and closing times on Friday so you miss most of the Portland rush hour traffic.

Friday, June 23rd:
9:30 a.m. Registration opens
9:30 a.m. Exhibit Hall opens
10:15 a.m. Workshops Begin
6:15 p.m. Last workshop ends
6:30 p.m. Exhibit Hall closes

Saturday, June 24th:

9:00 a.m. Registration opens
9:00 a.m. Exhibit Hall opens
9:30 a.m. Workshops begin
4:15 p.m. Last General Session ends
5:00 p.m. Exhibit Hall closes
5:00 p.m. Conference ends

Tentative schedule of workshops:

We are still putting the finishing touches on our classes for children and their parents and classes for parents with special needs students. We will update the schedule when those are all in place.
Friday, Jun. 23, 2017
9:30 AM - 6:15 PM Registration
Registration open
The registration desk will be manned throughout the conference. If you have questions, don't hesitate to come to the registration or OCEANetwork booth in the Exhibit Hall for help. Lost and found will be at the registration desk.

Check in at registration, grab a cup of coffee, then meet up with other families from your area of the state. Make new friends. Share local resources. Different areas of the state will be assigned rooms in the D Loop of the conference center.

Exhibit Hall open
Exhibit Hall D

10:15 AM - 11:30 AM General Session
Fearless Homeschooling Heidi St. John
"I’m not strong enough."
"My kids are going to have gaps in their education."
"Everything depends on me."
"I’ve failed too many times."
"I can’t do this right."
"I’m screwing up my kids."
"Everyone else’s kids are doing better than mine."

Have you heard the lies, too? Join Heidi as she talks about her own experience of homeschooling out of fear and into faith. You’ll want to bring a friend to this one!

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Workshop 1
Multi-Level Teaching Heidi St. John
Toddlers, Tweens and Teens, OH MY! Do you have a houseful? Are you planning on having a houseful? If so, then this is a great workshop for YOU! Heidi and Jay St. John are the homeschooling parents of seven perfect, never messy, always obedient very sweet, usually tidy, generally obedient, always energetic, very curious, children. They have homeschooled all the way through high school.

One of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling a houseful is figuring out how to teach them all while finding time to manage the rest of your day! Moms are always wondering if they are “doing enough” and finding the time to teach individual subjects, well, individually… can be overwhelming.

In this workshop, Heidi will share seven secrets of multi-level teaching that will empower, encourage and enlighten you! If you’ve got a houseful, then you’ve got your hands full! Let’s laugh together, and rediscover the JOY of homeschooling with a full heart AND a full house

High School 101 Jean Burk
Many parents are intimidated at the thought of home schooling a teenager through high school. The idea of teaching Physics, Chemistry and Calculus elicit fear and trembling from most parents… throw in grading essays and creating transcripts and you’ve got a complete recipe for a true mental breakdown! Home school high school veteran Jean Burk’s two homeschooled students received full-rides to college, grad school and law school. She joyfully testifies that the high school years have been the most rewarding! She’ll share her successes and failures and everything else you need to know to home school through high school. At this workshop she’ll answer these questions and many more:
  • Why home school high school?
  • Statistically, how do home school graduates perform as adults?
  • What’s the difference between credits, grades and transcripts?
  • What every high school student needs to know beyond academics (life skills, spiritual skills, social skills)
  • How can middle school students acquire high school credit?
  • How in the world do I teach chemistry, algebra and calculus?
  • What’s the difference between CLEP, AP and Dual Enrollment?
  • Can my home schooled student really get into college?
  • What scholarships are available to home school students?
  • Do I need an accredited transcript?
If you have a middle or high school student and you’re considering home education through high school, you should definitely attend High School 101! You’ll walk away knowing you CAN do it!

Knights in Training: Raising Boys into Men Heather Haupt
Come discover how we can reach the heart of our boys and inspire them to embrace this training phase of their lives as they pursue living a life of purpose that, like the knights of old, courageously puts the needs of others before their own. What is holding modern day boys back and how can we move forward by giving boys a vision for their future and honoring their innate love for adventure? The world needs more kind, courageous, and bold men who will lead their families well and make an impact in their world both now and for the rest of their lives. It starts with igniting the imagination, honoring their love for adventure, and casting a vision for the training process

Note to Self: The Vital Role of Homeschooling Dads Jim Mason
Are you a homeschooling dad like I am? Do you need an occasional booster shot like I do? Come let us reason together, encourage one another, bear each other’s burdens, and leave refreshed to carry out our vital role.

Successful Homeschooling Lisa Jacobson
The very thought of homeschooling can be overwhelming—whether you're a newbie or a veteran homeschooling parent. It's a big job and there's no way of getting around it. But after 18 years of teaching, I've found these steps that actually work. And these aren't merely academic solutions, but answers that have helped our family relationships—and my sanity—as well. It's a surprisingly simple plan that will prepare your student—and the teacher—for real success.

Homeschooling: Real Hard and Real Blessings Colene Lewis
This talk provides honest encouragement to those considering homeschooling. The real hard part of home education is the commitment of time, energy and resources. The real blessings of home education include stronger family bonds and a personalized education. And these blessing will make the work worth it.

Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers Forrest and Beth Mora
Volunteers are the backbone of nonprofit organizations. Without volunteers, visions crumble. How do you recruit qualified volunteers? How can a leader strengthen a volunteer to go the distance? How do you inspire your volunteers to serve with passion? Forrest and Beth Mora will share ten key principles to help you form a team that will thrive and create a lasting impact.

This session is designed for support group leaders, co-op leaders, church group leaders... anyone who needs to recruit and retain volunteers to help with their mission.

Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business Carol Topp, CPA
Encouragement for teenagers to start and run their own micro business. They will learn a lot while earning some money. A micro business can be started quickly and easily with no debt from home. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers starting a business and will discuss business plans, ideas. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

Math-You-Hate becomes Math-U-Love with Math-U-See Exhibitor
Presented by Math-U-See

Math-U-See’s unique instructional approach using simple but powerful manipulatives, videos, and textbooks helps students master math concepts and fundamental skills. Our manipulatives are used to represent abstract math concepts to be represented in clear, relatable ways. Come see how even reluctant mathematicians can help children develop a positive relationship with math.

Does Your Child Love Worms? Teaching Soil Science through Vermiculture Practices Exhibitor
Presented by DeerField Nursery

Learn about the value of recycling our food wastes through the use of vermiculture practices. The presentation will begin with a brief overview of natural soil science as God intended it to be. We will pass out a simple yet informative outline of our information. It will include some basic soil facts and introduce the concept of bio diverse practices in everyday living. We will give an overview of the microbial communities that live within our soils and their benefits in helping to balance nature as it was originally intended. The session will introduce the concept of earthworms as a major participant in the process of turning food scraps into valuable soil amendments that can enrich our gardens, plants, and environment. Our staff will demonstrate the steps to setting up a small scale worm factory and the easy management of keeping worms at home. The session will conclude with processing the worm castings into a usable soil amendment that will provide valuable nutrition for plants, shrubs, and orchards.

SWORD - School Choice and Other Legislative Issues Exhibitor
Presented by the Parents Education Association Political Action Committee
A brief review of the Oregon 2017 Legislative Session with a particular focus on the pros and cons of SB437, a School Choice bill. Dennis will also discuss a failed attempt to introduce a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the continuing implications of the Sweetcakes case.

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Workshop 2
Strong Roots – Strong Families Heidi St. John
Arguably the most profound change in America in the past 50 years has been the deconstruction of the family unit. The foundational building block of 4000 years of world culture and 250 years of American society has been undermined, underappreciated and under attack since the 1960’s. Learn how to put down the kind of strong roots that will help you become an “intentional arborist” as you nurture the strong family that you desire-and that your children need. Learn how you can nurture what’s important and learn to ignore the flurry of cultural foolishness that we all-too-often mistake for what’s really important.

Sharing Life, Loving, and Learning Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt is joined by her mother, Colene Lewis for this 2-generation workshop.

One of the perks of homeschooling is the opportunity families have to build relationships. Learning to live and learn together 24-7 provides a wonderful environment where relationships are cultivated. It isn't always easy, but the benefits are well worth the effort!

Beauty in the Bloom Beth Mora
Are you worn out from everyone needing another piece of you? Do you feel pushed and pulled in all directions? Are there places in your heart you don’t have time to visit? Women of all ages and stages will discover the joy of blooming! Join Beth Mora, author and blogger, as she shares from God’s Word the power of open transparency and the sweet life that blooms in Christ.

Choosing Curriculum
Presented by Caleb Crossman of Exodus Books

Description coming...

Walking Tall: How a Man Can Win in This Sex-Saturated Culture Matthew Jacobson
Your family is counting on you. The Enemy loves taking down men and making them ineffective for the Kingdom through impurity. God made you a warrior and gave you all you need to triumph over the Enemy’s plan to destroy you. Candid discussion/practical strategies to employ on the field of moral battle.

The Secret to Building a Strong Marriage Lisa Jacobson
No one really talks about this part. They talk about curriculum and co-op classes. Schedules and science fairs. Teacher-student relationships and sibling relationships. But there's little mention of the most important behind-the-scenes relationship of all: the one with your husband. Here's how you can do more than maintain your marriage; you can grow and even thrive while you homeschool together.

Top 10 Tips for Running a Homeschool Organization Carol Topp, CPA
This is a “potpourri” of topics and attendees can bring up any subject they wish to discuss. Carol Topp will lead off with her Topp 10 tips for running a homeschool organization. Included are tips on bylaws, boards, avoiding fraud, hiring workers, buying insurance, and conducting fund raisers. A handout of tips for leaders to share with your board back home will be provided.

Free College at Your Fingertips Jean Burk
Are you ready to make $500 an hour? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s possible to earn this much in scholarships for college. Author, Jean Burk, will teach you two important concepts: how to get into the college of your choice and how to find the scholarships to pay for it. You will learn methods of receiving substantial scholarships that go beyond tuition and may include room and board, graduate school, and money to study abroad! Unlock the keys to finding free college at your fingertips!

Experience Excellence in Writing Exhibitor
Presented by Excellence in Writing

Come and discover award-winning Excellence in Writing, a method of teaching composition that really works. Using this program, students of all ages will learn to write stories, reports and essays with style. This workshop will give you an overview of the program and show you how you can get started.

Help Eliminate Learning Problems Exhibitor
Presented by Help Eliminate Learning Problems

Description coming...

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM Workshop 3
Help and Hope for the Overwhelmed Mom Heidi St. John
Parenting. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. Frustrating and fascinating. Like all things that are God-breathed, it’s a Kingdom building exercise. It’s a masterful strategy, this idea of using all night feedings and miscarriage and labor and teenagers (see how teens and labor go hand in hand?) and even homeschooling to teach us to trust the heart the Father. But that’s exactly what God wants you to learn to do. Join Heidi St. John for an hour of encouragement and inspiration that will lift you up and remind you of the WHY of homeschooling.

Marriage Wisdom: Practical Tools for Love and Friendship between Husband and Wife Matthew and Lisa Jacobson
Are you providing a marriage example you would encourage others to follow? What steps are you taking to deepen your love and build a lasting friendship with your husband/wife?

Homeschooling the Early Years: You Gotta Turn Right to Go Left Heather Haupt
Want to give your preschooler and kindergartner an edge? Though it may seem counter-intuitive, having a playful relaxed, yet intentional attitude towards learning in the early years develops creativity, encourages curiosity, builds independence, expands attention span, enhances relationships, and has fun, too. And it is PROVEN to give them an academic edge! Join Heather as she share's the art of teaching young children through play.

The Prodigal Son, the Forgiving Father, and the Power of Beholding Jim Mason
We homeschooling parents invest a lot of ourselves in our children. When one of them strays, it is a painful, prayerful time. As one who has wandered himself, and one who has shepherded seven children through sometimes challenging times, Jim has a word of encouragement, reconciliation, and hope for walking through troubled times.

Dream Bigger Beth Mora
Question: What is the end goal of Christian home education? Answer: To love God more and serve more. Parents, your elementary-aged child needs an education in dreaming big. “But wait!” the parent says, “He can’t even complete his regular assignments!” Dreaming big can turn your ho-hum learner into an active one. We all need purpose behind even the simplest of tasks. We, as home educating families can get buried in a pile of book learning and forget what education is really for, to serve others. Please bring your wiggly child with you to this inspiring talk that just might change your city, state, country, or even the world. Disclaimer: There may be no stopping your child!

Homeschooling Hints from Calvin & Hobbs Colene Lewis
Almost everything you need to know to homeschool, from educational philosophy to practical homeschool how-to’s, can be found in Calvin & Hobbes. Come laugh, learn, be encouraged as a veteran homeschooler presents wisdom gleaned from the stories of a young boy and his stuffed tiger.

Learn Real Life Skills Carol Topp, CPA
Wouldn’t it be great to earn money and learn important life skills that are needed every day in adult life? A micro business can help you do that! Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has encouraged hundreds of teenagers to start a micro business and has seen them learn a lot about real life. She’ll offer tips to get you started on launching a viable micro business. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together

Classical Conversations Exhibitor
Presented by Classical Conversations

Description coming...

Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist Exhibitor

Discover a step-by-step guide to what medical transcription is; medical transcription versus medical billing & coding; learning medical transcription simply. Learn about marketing your business easily and everything you wanted to know about earning potential, equipment, electronic files, how to get hands-on work experience, work for services and much more.

5:15 PM - 6:15 PM General Session 2
The Home God Uses to Change the World Matthew Jacobson
Does the quality of your marriage matter? Do the endless days of child rearing and homeschooling matter? Does your family have a larger purpose in this world? God says, "Yes!" Will you live for His plan and purpose?

Saturday, Jun. 24, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registration
Registration open
The registration tables will be manned all day to assist you. Lost and found is located at registration.

Exhibit Hall open

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM General Session 3
Ripped from the Case Files Jim Mason
A serious but entertaining look at HSLDA’s recent cases and why they are important to you and your homeschool. You’ll want to hear about the Case of the Miscreated Court, the Case of the Rotten Big Apple, and the Case of the Caseworker’s Monumental Miscalculation. With over 15 years’ experience representing homeschooling families around the country, Jim has a unique, up-close perspective on trends, emerging issues, and what the future holds for homeschool freedom.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Workshop 4
The First Three Years: A Workshop for Homeschool Rookies Heidi St. John
If homeschooling up 'til now feels more like drudgery than delight, or if the thought of homeschooling makes your knees shake and your palms sweat, this is the workshop for you! Perhaps you've been hearing from “experts” that view homeschooling as just another form of education, like any other. Public schools think that way, but homeschooling is nothing like the school system. It's just the opposite. Learning at home is an adventure, a journey, a new lifestyle. Join veteran homeschool mom of seven (including one homeschool graduate!) Heidi St.John as she talks about the three things you’ve got to know as a new homeschooler that will set you on a track for success and enjoyment with your children.

Managing Anger and Conflict in Your Home Beth Mora
Conflict happens. Anger happens. Siblings fight. Mom and Dad don’t see eye to eye. Feelings get hurt. Things are said that shouldn’t be said, and things are done that shouldn’t be done. We each have different points of views on how life should go. Add the personal character flaws of each family member to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for calamity. Unchecked anger and unresolved conflict can undo the best of homeschool plans. Teaching your child how to manage anger and conflict far outweighs any school subject. Beth Mora, author, blogger, and homeschool mom tackles real-life tensions that happen behind all of our homeschool doors and offers practical solutions for messy moments.

Help for the Homeschooling Mom: How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Move Forward Heather Haupt
Homeschooling is a grand adventure, but sometimes there are moments or even seasons where we just feel stuck. Or maybe we’ve veered off course. It’s easy to think that changing curriculum for the umpteenth time, making a new schedule, or even throwing in the towel will solve the problem. It usually never does because the problem runs deeper… But there is hope, glorious hope, for us. Let’s rediscover together the secret to enjoying this journey and finishing strong!

History of Homeschooling in Oregon Dick Karman
Description coming...

An Equipment Operator’s Guide to Keeping Your Family Forrest Mora
How does a skid steer loader, a backhoe, a front tine tiller, a small tractor, and a diesel pick-up truck relate to being a husband, father, and servant leader of your family? In this very unique talk, Forrest Mora, a landscape contractor and equipment operator, speaks to the men using language that men can relate to. He relates real life stories from his experiences over the last 30 years to sometimes laugh at himself and other times challenge everyone in the room. His nuts and bolts style of communicating will provide a welcomed outlet for men to gather together and discover that they are not alone in their challenges of life.

How the IRS Sees Homeschool Organizations Carol Topp, CPA
Presenter, Carol Topp, a homeschooling mother and CPA, has helped over 250 homeschool organizations understand their status with the IRS. She will teach leaders the required filings to keep their homeschool organizations legal but with the least amount of government paperwork and interference. Tips and handouts on required reporting, taxes, and several examples from Carol’s experience will be offered. This is an invaluable session for support group and co-op leaders.

How to Ace the “New” SAT Jean Burk
Test-prep Guru, Jean Burk, will share her secrets of SAT success that have helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, Writing, and Verbal sections are all covered in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Learn tips to help you prepare for the SAT! Parents or high schoolers, you are welcome to sit in this session and learn the tips for preparing for the SAT to help your students score well.

12:10 PM - 1:00 PM Lunchtime events
TROWEL - Teaching Children about Christ and Culture Exhibitor
Presented by PEA PAC

What should we teach our children about the relationship of Christ and Culture? There are few topics as important in schooling as the telos, the goal, of all that we do. This workshop is aimed to help us become more self-conscious about the goal of our schooling, which may change what and how we teach. The workshop will also present some initial material on developing specific lesson plans about Christ, Culture and Vocation.

Single Parent Meet and Greet
Bring your lunch and get to know other single parents who are on the journey of homeschooling while being single.

Gutenberg College Exhibitor
Presented by Gutenberg College
Description coming...

Help Eliminate Learning Problems Exhibitor
Presented by Help Eliminate Learning Problems
Description Coming

Radically Different Spelling Success with Spelling You See Exhibitor
Spelling You See’s unique low-stress learning experience guides students through four essential activities (listening, reading, copywork, dictation) presented at appropriate developmental stages. Without using word lists or tests, these activities help students transfer correct spellings of common words to long-term memory, so they can use correct spellings in everyday writing.

Parents of Special Needs Students Meetup

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Workshop 5
Better for Best: Keeping Christ as the Center of Your Home Heidi St. John
Do you struggle to keep your heart tuned into God’s voice through all the other “noise” of this life? In this Pinterest-Perfect world where everyone Pins their Perfect Life, it’s all too easy to hold the Lord at arms length until we do the “important” things. Learn the secret of developing an intimate spiritual life and why it makes all the difference in your family and marriage.

Treating Writing Allergies Beth Mora
Do you have a student who is allergic to writing? You are not alone! It seems there is an epidemic, especially in the elementary grades. Could it be that we as educators might have lost sight of the goals of writing in the younger years? Join Beth Mora, 20-year homeschool veteran and the creator/author of Here to Help Learning‘s Writing Program, as she shares effective teaching strategies that will unlock your child’s ability to write. She’ll also unpack the latest research in elementary school writing education. You won’t leave empty-handed because you’ll walk away with ten teaching techniques that you can immediately implement and see results!

Stepping Outside the School Box: Creating a Home Where We Learn Heather Haupt
Learning to embrace a natural, holistic way of education can make homeschooling doable and successful academically, spiritually, and socially for both the students and the parents. It’s important to let go of our pre-conceived notions of what “school” should look like and instead major on the strengths of homeschooling – flexibility, real life learning, real books (living books), dialogue rather than formal tests, etc. Discover how to emphasize the benefits of homeschooling and avoid the burn out that happens when parents try to replicate a traditional school in their homes.

Why We Need a Parental Rights Amendment Jim Mason
Homeschooling freedom stands on two essential pillars of freedom: the right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children, and the free exercise of religion. Yet only one of these freedoms—religious liberty—is explicitly guaranteed in the United States Constitution, and both freedoms are under attack. Jim recently became as president of ParentalRights.org after its founder (and Jim’s mentor) Michael Farris moved to Alliance Defending Freedom in order to focus more exclusively on religious freedom. Jim has taken up the challenge of explicitly including parental rights in the Constitution. HSLDA and ParentalRights.org believe children are best served when parents are empowered to act in their children’s best interests without undue interference from the state. Come and hear about what it takes to change the Constitution—and how you can help.

10 Relationship Mistakes Matthew Jacobson
How to build healthy family relationships when imperfect people spend so much time together!

Homeschooling Teens – Tips That Work Colene Lewis
Most teens crave to be independent, express their opinions, and control their lives. Smart parents will channel these tendencies to propel homeschool forward. Learn how to start to communicate with your teen to work together on your teen’s homeschool strategy.

30+ Micro Business Ideas Carol Topp, CPA
Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has encouraged hundreds of teenagers to start their own micro business. She’ll share with you at least 30 viable business ideas that a teenager (or parent) can launch this week. Plus information on how to get started, pitfalls to avoid and tips for success.

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM General Session 4
Heidi St. John

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