The 7th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
Did you miss the conference this year? You can still hear great messages by the conference speakers. Bring a part of the conference into your home with audio tapes.

___01 Keynote Renewing the Vision - J. Michael Smith
___11 Beguiled by the World - Michael Braderick
___12 Home Schooling- How to Begin - Deanna Stollar
___13 God Blesses this House,but He Doesn't Clean It - Lorrie Flem
___14 Choosing and Adapting Curriculum for the Special Needs Child - Jennifer Bliesner
___21 The Father's Role in Home Education - J. Michael Smith
___22 The Art of Arrow Sharpening - Larry Denton
___23 Balancing Home, Marriage, and Home Schooling - Elizabeth Smith
___02 The Battle for Home Schooling Freedoms - J. Michael Smith
___31 Parenting By Principle - Michael and Susan Braderick
___32 Beyond Textbooks to Creative Curriculum - Elizabeth Smith
___33 A Framework for Your Day - Lorrie Flem
___34 Why Debate? - Terry and Deanna Stollar
___41 Fatherhood: A Choice - Larry Denton
___42 What's For Dinner Mom? - Lorrie Flem
___43 Training the Soul of Your Child - Elizabeth Smith
___44 Home is Where the Heart Is-Teaching Daughters to Cherish Being Keepers at Home - Susan Braderick
___51 God's Character-The Model for Godly Fathers - Michael Braderick
___52 Have You Trained Your Characters? - Lorrie Flem
___53 Ten Reasons to Home School Teens - Elizabeth Smith
___54 The Goal of Education - Terry Stollar
___03 Keynote: Don’t Loose Heart - J. Michael Smith

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