Corey Gilbert

Dr. Corey Gilbert

Dr. Corey Gilbert married Kelly in 2003. The Gilberts homeschool their three children and are involved in Classical Conversations, Cub Scouts, and American Heritage Girls. They love Oregon weather and family outdoor adventures.

Over twelve years of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral teaching have brought Dr. Gilbert to Corban University in Salem as an Associate Professor of Psychology. He teaches courses such as Human Sexuality, Trauma Therapy, Counseling Skills, Psychology of Addiction, and Abnormal Psychology.

His personal mission is to help churches, young adults, and parents build strong families and openly and biblically address difficult topics. He believes parents must be responsible and intentional in addressing tough issues early with their children.  Parents must not leave critical topics such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, pornography, dating, marriage, sex, family roles and values to others to teach their children. 


Corey’s Workshop Sessions 


Sex, Porn, and Your Kids: Age Appropriate Conversations 

This session will help parents move past the awkwardness inherent in topics regarding sexuality and provide you with ideas and resources to incorporate into your family conversations. 

Leading Your Family in a Teched-Out World 

Technology is inescapable, but it is also not the enemy. Learn to manage tech so it does not manage you. It can be a great tool for us and our families. 

Developing and Teaching Your Family a Biblical Sexual Ethic 

You can’t teach what you don’t know.  This session is designed to equip parents as they develop a biblical sexual ethic for themselves that they can then share with their children. 




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