Dick Karman

Dick Karman

Dick Karman and his wife, Dorothy, started homeschooling their two children in 1983. They enjoyed the many benefits of home educating—especially the spiritual encouragement that God provided. They founded OCEANetwork to share that support and spiritual encouragement with other families, serving home educators in Oregon since 1984. They also were founding members of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (beginninghomeschooling.com). Best of all, they are grandparents of four homeschooled grandchildren (so far).

Dick’s Workshop Sessions

It’s Easy to Homeschool
Dads (and Sons) and Donuts

Dads have it easy. Twenty years ago we used to say, “I’m the principal, and the principal is your pal.”  Have times changed? Is education just a series of new chapters in a textbook? Does someone else make your decisions? “I’ve got my job and my hobbies—that keeps me busy enough.”  Does your wife agree? Homeschool veteran Dick Karman will take a few minutes to remind us of God’s plan.  You will look at your family from a different point of view. Honestly examine what God has to say for you and your house.

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