Dorothy Karman & Rodger Williams

Rodger Williams
Lobbying efforts

Rodger Williams has been advocating for the interests of Oregon homeschoolers for twenty years. He helped write important parts of the current homeschool law. In addition to his work at the Legislature, he confronts ESDs and school districts when they go beyond their authority in their dealings with homeschool families.

Rodger also does research on homeschool student outcomes. He has produced important evidence that homeschool leaders in other states are using to defend homeschool freedoms there. His research topics include homeschool academic achievement and child abuse/fatalities vs. the public school track record.

Workshop Session 

Oregon Homeschool Freedom:  Past, Present, and Future
Co-Presented with Dorothy Karman

Hear a brief history of how and when homeschooling became legal in Oregon from those who have been involved “from the beginning”, find out why OCEANetwork is so vigilant about protecting and advancing homeschool freedoms in Oregon, and get your questions answered about homeschool notification/testing/homeschooling students with disabilities.


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