Dorothy Karman

Dorothy Karman


Dorothy Karman started homeschooling in 1983 when parents had to ask for permission from their local school district in order to homeschool. She and her husband, Dick, and children, Rob and Kate, have been involved in helping increase and protect homeschool freedom in Oregon since the 1985 legislative session. It has been a team effort involving many other individuals. She shares her personal knowledge of “bad bills” and dangerous bureaucrats. She loves to tells the stories of God’s providence and protection as He orchestrated people, times, and events to provide homeschool families in Oregon the opportunity to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 4:6).

Dorothy loved her years of homeschooling and helping homeschoolers through her local support group and then as a co-founder with Dick of the OCEANetwork. Now she’s enjoying helping her grandsons with the occasional homeschool subject. God is good.


Dorothy’s Workshop Sessions


Oregon Homeschool Freedom:  Past, Present, and Future
Co-Presented with Rodger Williams


Hear a brief history of how and when homeschooling became legal in Oregon from those who have been involved “from the beginning”, find out why OCEANetwork is so vigilant about protecting and advancing homeschool freedoms in Oregon, and get your questions answered about homeschool notification/testing/homeschooling students with disabilities.


You’ve Got What It Takes, and It’s Not What You Think
Moms (and Daughters) and Muffins


So many homeschool moms get burned out trying to do it all. Sometimes we just have to be reminded to take advantage of the resources God has given us for the job He has called us to do.


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