Pat Roy

Pat Roy

Pat Roy is the co-founder of Creation Quest along with his wife, Sandy, and two kids, Summer and Melody. Pat spent 12 years as the radio producer of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). During that time he and Sandy created Jonathan Park, a kid’s radio drama that put all Pat had learned and continued to learn about seven-day literal creation into a format kids could understand and enjoy. From there Pat and Sandy created Creation Quest. With this organization, they are doing everything in their power to give families a Biblical and scientific case for Genesis 1 as well as sharing the Gospel. It is Pat’s prayer that God will use this organization to teach people that their life is not mere random happenstance, but they were put here by a Creator who has an ultimate plan for their lives.

Pat’s Workshop Sessions 


The Days of Creation

Join Pat and travel through the first six days of earth history as you learn about scientific and Biblical creation.

Made in the Image of God

During Creation Week, God was preparing the world for His most precious creation… people! In this presentation, we will go day by day through that amazing week to learn about all the amazing works of the Creator!

Dinosaurs and the Bible

The subject of dinosaurs is one of the most popular of all times. Sadly they are often used to disprove the Bible. However, the Scriptures have a lot to say about these amazing creatures. This fascinating presentation will include a journey through many of the dinosaur graveyards around the world.



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