I'm Glad I'm Not Politically Correct
By: Sue Pierce

Boy, Do I Hang Out with a Bunch of Politically Incorrect People!

But fortunately, we have people like the young woman at College of the Redwoods to correct all of us politically incorrectables. Let me explain . . .

I was invited to address the Early Childhood Education class at the College of the Redwoods concerning home schooling. Along with me was Teri Smolens from Humboldt Home schoolers to present another view. We were asked to state why we home school, the advantages and disadvantages (if any), and what our organizations do. I took along our latest newsletter and the California Home Education Association's Introduction to Home Schooling which lists some of the pros and cons of home schooling.

About thirty minutes into the presentation, people started asking questions. The first questions were on socialization, legalities, and financing. then a young woman in the second row (it's so convenient having students lined up in rows and columns, don't you think?) started firing away at me. "Do you teach your children multiculturalism? Are your children exposed to people of varied races and incomes? (Everyone in the class was white.) Do you teach your children to appreciate and respect other cultures and philosophies? Do you teach your children that certain ideas are 'right' and 'wrong'? Do you teach tolerance or are you intolerant of other people and their ideas? Are all people and their philosophies equal?"

At this point the teacher reminded her pupils that Teri and I were guests in her classroom and that they should not get too heated or personal in their questioning.

I could tell you, point-for-point, how I responded to this barrage, but I want to say this: The real moral of this story is that we, as believers in Christ, are under attack by the present educational system. Where did this young person get her "politically correct" ideas? There is an anti-Christian bias in our public education system from kindergarten through the university level. Today's young people are not being raised culturally neutral. They are being raised anti-Christian, anti-white European, anti-Western culture. They are taught that... tolerance of all people, philosophies and cultures is mandatory in the new world order.

However, you and I are still here and therefore we are a part of the world's diversity! (Of course, we are in the world and not of the world.) Those who preach acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and equality must, by their own doctrine, accept us, tolerate us, appreciate us, and view our conservative, "By-the-Book" Christianity as equal to their own philosophy of life. For them to be intellectually consistent in their beliefs, they must tolerate our intolerance of their viewpoint!

We, on the other hand, are not obligated to tolerate, appreciate, or otherwise accept homosexuality, promiscuity, disrespect to authority, false doctrine or any other untruth.

Yes, I teach my children about the cultures of the world. They need this knowledge to evangelize the world. Yes, my children are exposed to people of varied races and incomes just as much as anyone else in "real life." No, I do not teach my children to appreciate all philosophies as equal. Of course certain ideas are right and wrong! God says so, not me! And tolerance and equality?? God is no respector of persons: we teach our children to be the same way. People are equal before God - equally in need of salvation and grace. Ideas are either in agreement with God's Word or in disagreement, and God clearly spells out which ideas are from Him. Let us continue to resist (read: not be tolerant of) ideas which are of Satan.

Am I politically incorrect? Thank God, yes!

This article was reprinted from Private/Home Educators of California Legal-Legislative Update, published by Family Protective Ministries, Roy M. Hanson, Jr., 910 Sunrise Ave., Suite A-1, Roseville, CA 95661.

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