Public school "homeschool" programs
By: Dorothy Karman

Many public schools and Educational Service Districts have found a way to increase their budget by serving home educators in Oregon. Sometimes the services are in the form of core classes which home educating parents feel inadequate to teach. Other courses may be the electives that enrich a student's experience. Still other ESDs and school districts are offering free computers and software. Many parents wonder if this can possibly have a down side.

There are many dangers to publicly funded home education. You loose the freedom to direct your child's education as you see fit. Also, it is against the Oregon constitution to allow any school money to be spent for religious instruction, which means you establish little public schools in your home. The classes for home educators increase the tax burden for all Oregonians as more students are on the public school roles.

Most importantly, the likelihood of increased regulation for home education increases as more home educators participate in publicly funded programs. The following quotation is from Cheryl Walker, former legislator, in a letter she wrote to all Oregon legislators last year in opposition to our bill for home education freedom.

"I suggest that if they really want freedom from state control they stop accepting State Department of Education money. Currently many of the home-schooling 'institutes' (e.g. Read Institute of White City) receive approximately $4,000 per 'home-schooled' student they have enrolled. Taxpayers who are paying for home-schooling should have accountability from the students." She went on to say, "Home-schoolers have the benefits of public educated students: e.g. Laboratories, athletics, arts, etc. If they have the benefits, why should they be exempt from accountability?" (empahsis added)

OCEANetwork is committed to preserving and advancing home education freedoms in Oregon - freedom for you to direct your child's education as God leads you and you see fit. Think twice about your freedom before you participate in public school programs at home.

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