Legislative Goals for 2003
By: Dorothy Karman

In 1999, we went to the Oregon legislature with a request for total freedom from government intrusion in home education. We were able to make a principled stand on the rights of parents to direct their children’s education guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, in various U.S. Supreme Court rulings and in Oregon statute. While we did not achieve our specific goal of total freedom for home education, we did make significant improvement in the homeschool law.

We believe it is time to bring our principled stand for parental rights in homeschool back to the 2003 legislature. We will be asking the legislature to consider repealing both testing and notification requirements for home educators. This would put homeschools on a par with private schools. In the state of Oregon, private schools are unregulated. You can withdraw your children from public school and enroll them in private school and you don’t have to notify anyone or send test scores to anyone. If they pass this bill, the legislature would be recognizing the right of parents to direct their own children’s education and upbringing.

Submitting a bill for additional freedoms is our main goal for this coming legislative session. As always, we will need to monitor the legislature for bills harmful to home education freedom. To keep up to date on all legislative issues in Salem, make sure your family is signed up for our e-mail list by contacting Rodger Williams at williams@teleport.com. Ask him to sign you up for OCEANetwork’s Alert and Information Emails.

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