Liberating Homeschool
By: Terrie Talbert

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel exhausted? Do you have fears – fears such as “I’m not teaching enough,” or “I don’t have the credentials or knowledge to teach what my children need”?

Take courage. In scripture, we never see God put a calling on someone’s heart without giving them the ability to perform the task. We know then that these depressing thoughts are not from God. The Almighty God wants to free us! Think with me. What does He desire for us?

Matthew 11:28-29 says, “Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls.”

God promised He would give us rest during the journey, but first we must go to Him. Give Him an empty slate and allow Him to plan your homeschool.

Take up His yoke. This requires our walking along side Him. We need to be in daily communication with Him – listening as much as asking.  We need to act upon the yoke He places on us which He promises to help us carry.

Learn from Him. Studying God’s world view and what He sees as important is a must. Put aside the world’s way and your old ways to make room for a fresh beginning.

I found myself overwhelmed, exhausted and full of fears four years ago. I went to the LORD and told Him how I felt. I wanted to give up! He reminded me of the time He first placed the desire to homeschool in my heart. He had given me a “vision,” but I somehow along the way I drifted off that path.

I came across a Scripture passage that helped me regain my focus. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no divine vision, the people cast off restraint [go wild, off the path] but happy is he who keeps the law.”

I knew I was not accomplishing God’s will for my life because I forgot the instructions He had specifically given me. So I stopped and opened up a blank notebook. Slowly I started to fill it with the things God was telling me. That same day as I quietly sat before the LORD, He gave me enough to get going in our homeschool.

I dropped all other curriculum and activities that weren’t written in the notebook. It seemed a little scary if I thought about how much I wasn’t doing, but it was oddly freeing. “Happy is he who keeps the law” meant putting these thoughts into practice.

This “vision” for my family was to teach chronologically through the Scriptures, starting in Genesis, absorbing History, science, language studies and arts as we go. It took a year to teach just the first book of the Bible. Sometimes we read and took notes. Other times we drew pictures, or learned scientific facts from the passage through experiments. Often we picked up books that encompassed the historical era being taught in Scripture.

I just did what the LORD asked of me, not realizing how much more my children were being taught compared to peers in public school. When the end of the year came and my then 5th grader had to be tested his scores remained above the 87th percentile. Hurrah! God’s ways are not only freeing; they really are the best and should be the only way we follow. God was faithful. He completely wove this path for our family. Again, last year my two oldest tested (5th and 8th grades) and they remained at the top.

In all truth, I never learned this much in public school. I was a slow learner when I was young. I had a serious speech problem and was left behind. To top it off, I moved seven times across the U.S. throughout my high school years, each school required a different course plan. I hated school. But now I’m thoroughly enjoying learning right alongside my children. I wouldn’t trade the bond we share for anything this world has to offer. Follow God’s design for your family. Each family’s design is different, but if you are following His will, you will enjoy the adventure He chooses for you and your family!

Terrie and her husband, James, home educate their three children on a mini-farm in Monroe, Oregon where they raise gardens and puppies.


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