Make a difference - Become a Precinct Committee Person
By: Jim & Vicki Davis

ACT NOW if you would like Oregon politics to reflect your Christian values! We encourage you to consider becoming a Precinct Committee Person (PCP). Two PCP’s can be elected (one man & one woman) for every 500 voters registered in your precinct. For example, in Washington County there are about 1070 openings for PCP’s in the Republican Party, and they are all open now. Over 700 positions were not filled in the last term. If you run, you’ll likely win! Throughout the state other groups, which do not share our biblical values, are actively recruiting people to fill empty PCP slots and undermine Christian values. We are hoping that people of faith will fill these positions instead.

Benefits. As a PCP you will vote to select party leadership, and have a say in the party’s priorities. You are the people’s voice to your party; you will elect Convention Delegates and the Central Committee (who elects the Electoral College); and more. Your Christian values can be represented.

Being who you are. We agreed to serve as PCP’s. In the most recent election we had little time to make phone calls or contact neighbors. We did pray as a family, regularly and fervently. We were amazed when the county coordinator contacted us to ask what we were doing, because our precinct had a greater increase in voter turn-out than any other precinct in our county! Being who you were called to be can have a great impact! To God be the glory!

Expectations. As a PCP you are asked to attend about four meetings a year and give 5 hours/year to your party. The terms are 2 years. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

To become a PCP you must:

1) be a member of your political party for at least 180 days and be 18 years old by election day;
2) fill out the form to run for the PCP position - ;
3) make sure the form is in your county elections office by the March 6th deadline, and
4) have at least 3 people vote for you in the May primary election. Note: If you miss the March 6th deadline, you can still be elected in the May primary election with a minimum of three write-in votes, assuming you get the most votes and meet above criteria. Once elected, you must accept the position if you have won as a write-in.

For more information or to have a speaker talk with your group about this topic e-mail us at .

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