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Can You Bake an Apple Pie? By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
Many apple pies are needed for Apple Pie Day. Can you bake one?
Celebrate Home Education Week in Your Community By: Deborah Butler Published: Jan-13
Home educators have a great PR opportunity by celebrating Home Education Week in their communities.
Choosing Curriculum - PDF By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-03
How do your sort out all the miriads of choices available to home educators today? Where do you find the perfect curriculum?
Christian Home School Reading List By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-98
An Annotated bibliography of home school reading to help the beginner and to encourage the veteran. This list focuses on books by and for Christians.
Christian Organizations By: R karman Published: Oct-08
This is an essay that was delivered in part at the HSLDA conference in New York, 2008
Coaching to Success By: Steve Riddell Published: Feb-10
This is a PDF of the PowerPoint slides Steve used in the Coaching for Success session during the Biblical Leadership and Entrepreneurial Principles for Family and Business Conference sponsored by OCEANetwork February 20, 2010
College Admission for Homeschoolers By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-05
Home school students can be admitted to college, but the family needs to plan ahead.
Contentment Perspective By: Christine Bullock Published: Aug-06
Are you content with where God has placed you?
Costly Choices By: Christine Bullock Published: Jan-06
We can trust God as we make choices in our homeschool.
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