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Teaching More Than One By: Christine Bullock Published: Sep-10
Managing a one-room school house is challenging, but rewarding. This article gives some tips on how you can teach more than one at a time.
The Father's Role In Home Education By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-01
By the standards of the world today the father is pushed aside. By Christian homeschool standards the father is the most important. Take a look at one father's idea of his role.
The Myth of the Horrid Teen By: Deborah Butler Published: Feb-06
"Teenager" is often synonymous with rebellion. How do you avoid the pitfalls of Teenagers, and instead raise godly young adults?
The Problem with Home-based Charter Schools By: J. Michael Smith and Michael Farris Published: Jun-02
HSLDA's Position in the Charter School Debate
The Tree of Freedom By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-07
A history of homeschool freedoms in Oregon and a look to the future.
Timeline of Oregon Homeschool Freedoms By: Dick & Dorothy Karman Published: Jul-02
Homeschool freedoms are fragile. More than once in the last two decades home education freedom has been threatened. Don't take your ability to teach your children at home for granted. Knowing the history of our freedom will help us value and protect it.
Tips for Visiting Your Legislators By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
Advice on how to have a good visit with your legislators during Apple Pie Day or anytime.
Top 10 Reasons to Attend the OCEANetwork Conference By: Polk Christian Home Educators Published: Apr-10
Reasons to attend the OCEANetwork conference published in the Polk Christian Home Educator's Little Home Schoolhouse e-newsletter
Training for a High Calling By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-99
Training a 4-H guide dog teaches one family the importance of training toward a high calling in our families.
Trusting in God's Provision By: Amber Thissel Published: Jun-02
We need to be reminded that our success is not up to us. God is faithful.
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