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High School
28 Ideas for Not Going Crazy with Winter Doldrums By: Kate Karman Published: Feb-06
Tired of just gritting your teeth and pushing on through when Winter Doldrums hit and your homeschool routine has become bla? Here's some ideas to make school fun again.
Boxes By: Kate Karman Published: Apr-07
Trying to figure out what the future holds for your children? Whatever you do, don't try to stuff them into a box!
College Admission for Homeschoolers By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-05
Home school students can be admitted to college, but the family needs to plan ahead.
Homeschool High School By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-16
Read the requirements to homeschool during the high school years. Who sets the standards for graduation? How many credits does my child need? Also contains a list of resources to help you.
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
of Books and Brit. Lit. By: Kate Karman Published: Sep-07
How do you teach literature?
Oregon Study Guide By: Betsy Ray and Susan Buck Published: Sep-08
This study of Oregon history, government, resources and industry is appropriate for either elementary or high school study. The Study Guide provides lists of resources, books and field trip suggestions.
The Myth of the Horrid Teen By: Deborah Butler Published: Feb-06
"Teenager" is often synonymous with rebellion. How do you avoid the pitfalls of Teenagers, and instead raise godly young adults?
You, Too, Can Start a Debate Club By: Ray Engle Published: Aug-08
Resources for those thinking about starting a debate club in their area.
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