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Homeschool Vision
A Father's Responsibility By: Dick Karman Published: Sep-96
Parents can't afford to lose sight of spiritual things because they are too busy raising their children. Your children watch your life constantly - what are they seeing?
A Year End Discouragement By: Christine Bullock Published: Jul-06
Do you every get to the end of the year and wonder if you accomplished anything? Chriss Bullock reminds us what's important.
Default settings for education By: Dorothy Karman Published: Apr-02
Our society considers public school the "normal" way children get educated. But what does God's word say is the normal way to educate our children?
Freedom to Homeschool is Worth Fighting For By: Dick and Dorothy Karman Published: Dec-01
Why do homeschool families want continued and expanded freedoms? What are the biblical and constitutional principles behind homeschool freedom?
Homeschool: not just an educational option . . . By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-07
Some thoughts on the purpose of home education.
Look up By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Distraction and comparison often get our eyes off the Lord when we homeschool. The solution? Look up!
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
Render to Caesar By: Dorothy Karman Published: 
Whose children are they? the state's? or God's?
Teaching More Than One By: Christine Bullock Published: Sep-10
Managing a one-room school house is challenging, but rewarding. This article gives some tips on how you can teach more than one at a time.
Trusting in God's Provision By: Amber Thissel Published: Jun-02
We need to be reminded that our success is not up to us. God is faithful.
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