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Home Education Week
2006 Celebrate Home Education Week By: Dorothy Karman Published: Mar-06
Celebrate Home Education Week in your community. Use the Governor's proclamation as a spring board for letting others know about home education.
2007 Apple Pie Day By: Deborah Butler Published: Mar-07
Celebrate Apple Pie Day. Bring an Apple Pie to the Capitol. Meet your legislator. Protect your home education freedoms.
2013 Apple Pie Day Schedule By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
Many have asked about the 2013 Apple Pie Day Schedule. Here it is.
Can You Bake an Apple Pie? By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
Many apple pies are needed for Apple Pie Day. Can you bake one?
Celebrate Home Education Week in Your Community By: Deborah Butler Published: Jan-13
Home educators have a great PR opportunity by celebrating Home Education Week in their communities.
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
Oregon Study Guide By: Betsy Ray and Susan Buck Published: Sep-08
This study of Oregon history, government, resources and industry is appropriate for either elementary or high school study. The Study Guide provides lists of resources, books and field trip suggestions.
Study Oregon with your family By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
OCEANetwork has resources for you to study about Oregon in preparation for your trip to Salem.
Tips for Visiting Your Legislators By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-13
Advice on how to have a good visit with your legislators during Apple Pie Day or anytime.
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