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Government Funded Homeschooling
An Analogy: Government Funded Homeschooling By: Dorothy Karman Published: Sep-03
Sometimes it is helpful to think of one problem, such as "Should we participate in a government-funded homeschool program like a charter school?" in terms of other real world situations.
Beware! By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-04
Charter schools in Oregon threaten homeschool freedoms.
Brave New Schools By: Dorothy Karman Published: Apr-04
Canadian homeschoolers in government funded program barred from religious materials.
Costly Choices By: Christine Bullock Published: Jan-06
We can trust God as we make choices in our homeschool.
Economic Independence and Educational Choice By: Kate Karman Published: Mar-97
This essay won first place in the Cascade Policy Institute Student Essay Contest in 1997.
Four Types of Education By: Rodger Williams Published: Apr-04
The diagram helps home educators, legislators and the public understand why private home educators should not be regulated.
Government Funded Homeschooling By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-03
A series of short articles published in OCEANetwork Currents on the subject of government homescool programs.
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
Public school "freebies" a Danger to Homeschool Freedoms By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Legislator links need for homeschool accountability with the number of families in Oregon charter schools.
Public school "homeschool" programs By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Loss of homeschool freedom is a consequence when more families take public school funds to homeschool as evidenced by quotes from a former Representative to the Oregon legislature.
Public School ''Home School'' Programs By: Leigh Hurst Published: Dec-97
A growing number of home schoolers are showing an increasing reliance on so called public school “satellite” programs. What many home schoolers do not realize is the public schools are offering these programs for their own financial gain.
The Problem with Home-based Charter Schools By: J. Michael Smith and Michael Farris Published: Jun-02
HSLDA's Position in the Charter School Debate
Trusting in God's Provision By: Amber Thissel Published: Jun-02
We need to be reminded that our success is not up to us. God is faithful.
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