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The 11th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
From Generation to Generation
August 19 & 20, 2005

Other sessions recomended for encouragement include:
Vision for the Future - The Future of Homeschooling and the Future of Your Homeschooled Children
A 35 Year Journey - How Homeschooling Transformed our Lives through the Generations
Banished to Babylon, USA
Home Education Freedoms in Oregon
On Your Toes--Homeschooling With Toddlers Under Foot
Raising A Mighty Man of God
Raising False Expectations
The 10 Time Tested Secrets to a Successful Education
The Goal of Education
When a Free Lunch Isn’t Free: Public School Homeschool Programs
More sessions for encouragement
Other sessions recomended for teens/parents include:
Art, Music, and Movies from a Biblical Worldview - Standards of Discernment for Art, Literature and Movies
Banished to Babylon, USA
Designing Courses for Junior High and High School
High School Overview
How To and How Not To Choose a College
Jr. High Needs
Keeping Your Teen on the Road to Purity
Setting a Paradigm for Purity
Unsquish Your Mind: Is 'Worldview' in the Bible?
More sessions for teens/parents
Banished to Babylon, USA
Speaker: Julie Hiramine

Although our nation has not been marched off into captivity in chains like Babylon, we have been taken spiritually captive by our culture. We have been subtly chained to the world's values that imprison us. The values of the world unknowingly sneak up on us through TV, on the internet, and while reading the newspaper and magazines. The saturation of our families by the torrential onslaught of the media in our sensually driven surroundings has captivated both us and our children. "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news." Isa. 52:7 God has appointed our families to bring the news of deliverance and lead others out of captivity. Renew your vision on how to instruct your children when it comes to media discernment, establishing values that reflect God's timeless standards, and dispensing with the lies and myths that our culture perpetrates concerning body image, sex, pornography, and relationships. Take practical steps to relinquish the chains that have not only bound our families, but our churches as well.

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