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The 11th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
From Generation to Generation
August 19 & 20, 2005

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The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing her Husband's Vision
Uniting Church and Family
When a Free Lunch Isn’t Free: Public School Homeschool Programs
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The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing her Husband's Vision
Speaker: Doug Phillips

The Christian community is full of dear ladies discouraged because their husbands lack vision to lead the family with gusto. In some cases, the men are simply overwhelmed with present responsibilities. In other cases, they lack a biblical framework for household leadership. It certainly does not help when men have poor role models in their own lives, which is the case for a growing majority of husbands. Often wives cry out, "Help, my husband just doesn't get it" or, "I want more children, but my husband says 'no'", or even, "My husband is nervous about home schooling." For more than ten years, Doug and Beall Phillips have spoken with hundreds who share these sentiments. But, too often, wives contribute to the problem through a wrong response. The great news is that the Bible anticipates this crisis of leadership in the home and provides crystal clear direction for wives. Wise women will desire to bless their husband's vision by embracing the specific affirmative and negative biblical commands given to them for this very purpose. Those who do will become a sanctifying influence on their household, grow in spiritual maturity, and become God's vehicle for their husband's spiritual revival. This series is meant to encourage both wives and husbands with the principles and the practicalities for men and women growing in family vision for the Lord.

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