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The 11th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
From Generation to Generation
August 19 & 20, 2005

Other sessions recomended for beginners include:
Vision for the Future - The Future of Homeschooling and the Future of Your Homeschooled Children
A 35 Year Journey - How Homeschooling Transformed our Lives through the Generations
Home Education Freedoms in Oregon
Introducing Home Education
Multi-Level Teaching is for YOU!
On Your Toes--Homeschooling With Toddlers Under Foot
Raising A Mighty Man of God
Raising False Expectations
Raising Motivated Children
The 10 Time Tested Secrets to a Successful Education
The Goal of Education
When a Free Lunch Isn’t Free: Public School Homeschool Programs
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Other sessions recomended for nuts & bolts include:
Creating Good Writers
Designing Courses for Junior High and High School
High School Overview
How To and How Not To Choose a College
How to Enjoy and Present History
Jr. High Needs
Raising False Expectations
Raising Motivated Children
The Goal of Education
More sessions for nuts & bolts
Raising Motivated Children
Speaker: Terry Stollar

Raising motivated children starts with the parents. How are you as a parent motivated? How will you model that for your children? But one must step back even further to ask – why are you home schooling? When having that answer clear in your mind, you as a parent-teacher then have a source for your own motivation. Spreading that to your children then becomes easier. As they catch your vision they also will be more motivated. Obedience is another key issue of motivation. Come and discover the many aspects of motivation in this talk which will help you deal with, " Mom, I don't want to do my math today – or ever again."

CD: $5.50

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