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The 12th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Be Thou My Vision
August 18 & 19, 2006

Other sessions recomended for encouragement include:
The Socialization Trap
Beyond Survival
Box Free Living
Freedom for the Future
Home Educating With Confidence
Home Education- What it's Done for Our Family
Mothering: A Journey into The Heart of God
Parenting from the Heart
Swimming Upstream the Water Gets Clearer
Teaching Critical Thinking
What Makes You Think You Can Teach Your Own?
More sessions for encouragement
Other sessions recomended for nuts & bolts include:
Beyond Survival
Beyond Textbooks
Box Free Living
Child Discipline
Got Teens?
History Via the Scenic Route
Home Educating with Babies and Toddlers and Loving It
How to Get the Best Out of Your Student ...Through Multi-sensory Teaching
Parenting from the Heart
Teaching Critical Thinking
Teaching the Junior High and High School Sciences at Home
What Do You Do All Day, Dear?
Write Expectations for the Elementary Grades
Write Expectations for the Secondary Grades
More sessions for nuts & bolts
Parenting from the Heart
Speaker: Marilyn Boyer

Child rearing is not behavior modification, applying rewards and punishments to get unthinking responses. Nor is it a recipe, in which blending the right ingredients in the right amounts always brings the same results. It is a matter of accepting a God-given calling and pursuing it by His principles. It is a heart-to-heart relationship in which children are not just trained, but discipled. Marilyn Boyer brings 28 years of parenting experiences with 14 children to this enlightening and encouraging workshop.

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For more information on Marilyn Boyer and other sessions that Marilyn Boyer will present, please click here.

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