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The 13th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Passing the Baton
August 17 & 18, 2007

Other sessions recomended for encouragement include:
Be Honest: Who Should Be Educating Your Children?
Dream BIG
Freedom for the Future
Fruitful Preparation
Homeschooling, but Still Married! (Mom’s Only)
Isolationism or Teaching Them When They Lie, Sit, Rise, and Walk?
Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe
Loving and Leading
Will the Real Homeschooler, Please Stand Up!
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Other sessions recomended for fathers include:
Called to Work
Help! I’m Married to a Homeschooling Mom (dads)
Loving and Leading
Nurture and Admonition Not Pain and Provocation
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Other sessions recomended for marrage & family include:
Homeschooling, but Still Married! (Mom’s Only)
Loving and Leading
More sessions for marrage & family
Loving and Leading
Speaker: Dr. Brian and Betsy Ray

Fathers and husbands, it is time to love and lead - now. Love your wife like Christ loves the church. Nurture and admonish your children but do not provoke them. Lead your family in God’s exciting will. Is all of this possible? Yes. But what can you do? Mothers and wives, it is time to love your husband as God has declared and to lead your children. Brian and Betsy will help and encourage you with scripture, their experiences, and what they have learned during 20 years of marriage and the ongoing raising of eight children.

CD: $4.00

For more information on Dr. Brian and Betsy Ray and other sessions that Dr. Brian and Betsy Ray will present, please click here.

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