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The 15th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
For Such a Time as This
June 12 & 13, 2009

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Parental Rights: The Next Great Battle for Homeschoolers
Speaker: J. Michael Smith

Parental rights and religious freedom have been the two foundations to establish a constitutional right for parents to teach their children at home. The U.S. Supreme Court some years back weakened the free exercise of religion claim as a foundation for homeschooling so that in order for homeschoolers to claim a fundamental right to homeschool, they must be able to combine the free exercise right with the parental rights claim. In other words, both rights have to co-exist. Currently, this is not a problem, but because of the fragile nature of freedom, moral decay, complacency and apathy, homeschooling freedoms are in jeopardy. Additionally, since the parental rights foundational claim is an "implicit" right, not an "explicit" right (meaning parental rights is not specifically spelled out in the Constitution) parental rights as we know it today is teetering and could be in trouble in the future. Mike will explain why parental rights are under attack and provide a solution on how we can maintain the current freedoms we have to teach our children at home.

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