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The 15th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
For Such a Time as This
June 12 & 13, 2009

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Moving Through the Maze of College Information
Speaker: John Mayner

As homeschooling parents looking at the possibility or seemingly impossibility of college, it can sometimes be overwhelming. What tests should be taken and where are they given? When should applications be sent in? How am I going to afford this expenditure? What college(s) should we consider? Why should they attend one college over another? These and many other questions will not only enter your mind but if you actually begin applying to colleges you will find yourself inundated with literature, phone calls, and terminology you are not familiar with.

This breakout is designed to give you some Biblical and practical guidelines to answer these questions; help you understand the process most colleges/universities use to review applications and accept applicants; as well as what you can expect from admissions, financial aid, and student service departments at college. Handouts will be provided and there will be a time for questions during and after the breakout session.

CD: $5.50

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