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The 17th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Delight in the Lord
June 24 - 26, 2011

Other sessions recomended for encouragement include:
All 2011 Friday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2011 Saturday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2011 Sessions MP3 on Thumb Drive
Believe It or Not, God Did Choose You to Homeschool Your Children!
Culture Wars: How They Affect the Homeschool Family and How We Respond
Family Discipleship 101
Grand Prize Winner
How Homeschooling Prepared Me for Life
How to Be a Great Wife Even Though You Homeschool
How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up
If You Left THEIR School Because You Didn' t Like THEIR School, Then Why Are You Trying to Make Your School Like THEIR School?
Partnering With Your Local Church
R.E.A.L. L.I.F.E. Homeschooling
Teaching Your Children With Your Grandchildren in Mind
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Unity or Civil War?
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Other sessions recomended for fathers include:
All 2011 Friday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2011 Saturday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2011 Sessions MP3 on Thumb Drive
Breaking Trust: Four Mistakes a Father Dare Not Make
Dinosaurs, the Ark, and the Bible (Family Session)
Dinosaurs: Big and Hungry! Eyewitness Reports!
Every Dad a Homeschool Dad
Help! I'm Married to a Homeschool Mom
How to Identify Those Rocks That You Find and Bring Home (Family Session)
Making History: Four Simple Steps Toward Spiritual Leadership for Homeschool Dads
Partnering With Your Local Church
Six Days of Perfection: How the Creation Reveals the Creator
The Greatest Adventure - Noah's Ark and the Worldwide Flood
The Time In Between
Unity or Civil War?
What's A Dad To Do?
More sessions for fathers
Partnering With Your Local Church
Speaker: Andrew Fields and Mark Hanke

Homeschoolers understand that biblically it is not the responsibility of the Church to teach and disciple our children but the family. However, we sometimes miss the fact that is not the family's job to be the Church. Christ established the local church to be the place of retreat, support and growth for all of His people; even homeschoolers. For various reasons, homeschoolers have historically found their "retreat, support and growth" in "support groups" and other places; not the local church. In this session, a home schooling father of 8 and his public-schooling Pastor (with a degree in Education) will discuss why the local church established by Christ is still the best place for us to find our support, and how we can partner together to seek His Kingdom first.

CD: $5.50

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