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The 18th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong
June 22 & 23, 2012

Other sessions recomended for fathers include:
All 2012 Friday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2012 Saturday Sessions MP3 Disk
All 2012 Sessions MP3 on Thumb Drive
Be Honest: Who Should Be Educating Your Children?
Circuit Riding Preachers
Dealing with Feelings that Aren’t So Appealing
How to Like the Woman You Love . . . And Love the Man You Like
Jason Lee- Oregon's First Missionary
Learning to Let Go When you Feel Wronged
Mighty Sons Mighty Daughters
Nurture and Admonition - Not Pain and Provocation
Preparing to Fight Fire and Stay Alive--Right to Fight, Left for Life
The Coming Attack on Homeschooling from the Legal Elites
The Family Discipleship Plan
The First Indian Camp Meeting
The Historic Storyteller presents: Stories Of The Old West
The Macedonian Call of the West
More sessions for fathers
The Family Discipleship Plan
Speaker: Eric Burd

The Family Discipleship Plan is a practical guide for the comprehensive discipleship of the whole family. We often think we are discipling our children by their mere exposure to us as their parents, to Christian curriculum or to many other Christian activities. But, the most effective discipleship is intentional, and touches every aspect of our lives.

At the heart of the Family Discipleship Plan is a non-condemning “checklist” that leads parents to be deliberate about the discipleship “plan” they have in place for their children. It is a great family project that offers ownership to each family member in their personal walk with Christ.

CD: $5.50

For more information on Eric Burd and other sessions that Eric Burd will present, please click here.

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