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The 19th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Anchored in Christ
June 21 - 23, 2013

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Anchored in Christ
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Parenting by Faith not Fear
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Ten Things Not to Tell Your Pastor
The Great Awakening: The Mind, Media and Moral Imagination
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Anchored in Christ
Speaker: Norm Wakefield

Everyday in life, families receive a series of blessings and storms sent from God for the purpose of revealing the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. When they come, everyone reacts or responds to them based on what they believe the gospel to be; it's their foundation. God's Word states that believers have an anchor for the soul, but sometimes souls drift because they forget that anchor or because they don't really know how to connect to the anchor. Norm provides practical explanation and suggestions for how to live anchored in Jesus Christ. This results in powerful, peaceful, grace-filled living that attracts others to Christ.

CD: $6.50

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