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The 19th Annual OCEANetwork Conference
Anchored in Christ
June 21 - 23, 2013

Other sessions recomended for nuts & bolts include:
All 2013 Day 2 Sessions on MP3 disk
Being a Hands on Dad: How to Survive Tea Parties and Wiffle Balls
Chronic Chaos Challenge
Common Core Crisis: The Real Issue
Common Core Crisis: The Real Issue - NOT RECORDED - REPEAT OF Friday's Session
Developing Character... One Stage at a Time!
Discover Your Child's Learning Style
Father's Panel with Q&A Session
Guiding and Grading Your Student's Writing
Homeschooling a Large Family Made Easy
Ideas for Teaching Reluctant Writers
Multi-Level Teaching
Test Talk
The Dateless Lesson Planner: A Workshop on Preventing Anarchy
The Education of a Child
What in the World is Dual Credit?
More sessions for nuts & bolts
Common Core Crisis: The Real Issue
Speaker: Dr. Brian Ray

Common Core, No Child Left Behind, Goals 2000, and, by the way, have you forgotten about the Seven Cardinal Principles? Presumptuous planners, nationalists, and philosopher-kings have another plan for “all our children.” Dr. Brian Ray addresses the most fundamental reason why every parent should care about Common Core State Standards that has hit hard the educational scene. What should homeschoolers, scripturalists (i.e., Christians) and liberty lovers do about this, if anything? What are some short-term strategies, and what is the long-term solution to efforts by many to control the education of all children, as if they were lumps of coal for the government or unelected officials to manage as “natural resources”? If you do not want your children to be a part of this educational bandwagon and you do not want to waste your time jumping into bandwagon reactionism, come hear Dr. Ray

CD: $6.50

For more information on Dr. Brian Ray and other sessions that Dr. Brian Ray will present, please click here.

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