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Aaron Auer
Aaron AurersPastor Aaron Auer is a native Oregonian raised in Douglas, County on his family’s dairy farm.

In April 2007, Pastor Aaron attended a rally at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, OR. He was given the opportunity to preach, pray and prophesy on the Capitol steps concerning the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fall on this great State. R.O.A.R. Ministries (Reviving Oregon's Amazing Roots) was birthed as he discovered that day, the statues of Jason Lee (Oregon's First Missionary), The Trailblazer Preaching Statesman and “The Circuit Rider” a preacher on horse with Bible in hand, “looking into the perfect law of liberty.”

R.O.A.R released a Declaration (in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence) on April 19, 2008 endeavoring to unite the body of Christ on our common CORE values for conscience sake, with the cause of Reviving Oregon's Amazing Roots.

In the summer of 2009, to commemorate Oregon's 150 years of statehood, Pastor Aaron along with Pastor John Sutton toured all 36 county court houses in 45 days - also known as the "Line in the Sand Tour," reading their declaration, preaching, praying, prophesying, and making their presentation to all, including judges, commissioners, sheriffs, and other public officials.

As of 2011, the ever-growing ROAR regiment has now participated in approximately 100 venues, including churches, schools, rallies, and governmental events and invocations.

means notes of the session are available in PDF format when you click on the link to the session.

Recordings presented by Aaron Auer:
Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong Jun. 22 - 23, 2012
Circuit Riding Preachers $5.50
Jason Lee- Oregon's First Missionary $5.50
The First Indian Camp Meeting $5.50
The Macedonian Call of the West $5.50

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