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Patty McCarty
Patty McCartyI have been interested in students with disabilities since I was a child. I got my degree in Special Education and Elementary Education at Western Kentucky University in 1979. In 1981, I moved to Oregon. I worked with preschoolers with orthopedic impairments then those with mental retardation for a while; later I taught kindergarten, first and second grades in Christian schools. After marrying I moved my teaching to the home setting in anticipation of the arrival of a family. I began to tutor special needs students. When my only child reached age 3, we began formal home schooling and continued this for her most of her educational life. I lead a Sunday School Program for students with developmental disabilities for 14 or 15 years. This was the birthplace of my consulting. I test and support families who home educate their students who happen to have special needs under the Oregon law. I help families comply with current law and sometimes tutor students when there is that need. I completed my Master’s Degree in Special Education in 2010. I am now teaching in public schools in addition to my responsibilities with home schooled students. It works pretty well to work 9 months with public school students and the summer with home schooled students.

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Recordings presented by Patty McCarty:
Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong Jun. 22 - 23, 2012
Special Education at Home “101” $5.50

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