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David and Linda Watkins
David and Linda Watkins are southern transplants to cold, wintry Minnesota. David has pastored for 44 years at Baptist churches in Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, and Minnesota. They began home educating their eight children in 1986 and have continued to be involved in home education circles even though their children have graduated. They have a deep desire to assist parents in strengthening their families and personal relationships with Jesus Christ through daily fellowship with the LORD and scripturally-focused home education. They served on the MÂCHÉ Board nine years, where David served as the chairman and Linda was the conference director. In 2012, they stepped off the board and David became the first executive director of MÂCHÉ. Linda continues to serve as the conference director. In 2007, they began serving on the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (Alliance) board, where David serves on a committee for international homeschool relations and Linda writes the Communique e-newsletter and oversees special projects. Five of their eight children are married, two of their sons serve in the military, one daughter is in nursing school, and one daughter is an invaluable help at home. Eight of their fifteen grandchildren are of school age and are now being home educated. In their spare time, David enjoys hunting with his family in the woods of northern Minnesota and Linda enjoys sewing, quilting, and music.

means notes of the session are available in PDF format when you click on the link to the session.

Recordings presented by David and Linda Watkins:
Anchored in Christ Jun. 21 - 23, 2013
Getting Grandparents on Board with Home Education $6.50
Homeschooling a Large Family Made Easy $6.50

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