Volunteers ~ Helping OCEANetwork Work!

We need you!

Every year, dozens of wonderful, servant-hearted conference attendees willingly sacrifice part of their time at the conference. Why? Because they understand that without their help, it would be impossible to have a confrerence that the average homeschool family could afford to attend.

There are several opportunities for adults and young adults 15 and older who are attending with a parent. Sign up online for the job and shift you want. So you don't have to feel like you are missing any of the messages, you will receive a coupon for one MP3 download for every session you miss. Most shifts are two and one half hours to three hours long.

You must be registered for the conference to volunteer. You can indicate you want to volunteer when you register for the conference.

If you are already registered, you can contact Karen Lyons at volunteers@oceanetwork.org to volunteer.

If you specifically want to volunteer in the Used Curriculum Exchange, contact Karen Espalin at uce@oceanetwork.org.

We no longer offer work-scholarships, but we do offer Benevolent Scholarships, Single-parent Scholarships, Pastor/Missionary Scholarships and Military Scholarships. View the Scholarship Page for more information. If you are a recipient of a scholarship, you are welcome to volunteer, but it is not mandatory.

As a thank you for helping the OCEANetwork Conference run smoothly, volunteers will be in the first group to be allowed to shop the Used Curriculum Exchange. Shopping for volunteers will be on Friday starting at 12:30 p.m.

Volunteer positions available at the conference:

Set up crew: Thursday afternoon, June 19th. Help the vendors unload their products. This job is one of heavy lifting and physical labor. Please do not volunteer to do this if you have health problems or are pregnant.

Greeters: We are looking for friendly, smiling folks who like to make families feel welcome at the conference.

Room Hosts for the keynote sessions: Greet families as they come into the keynote session, pass out speaker's handouts (if any), answer questions.

Recordings: Work within the recording booth making copies of sessions for sale. May serve as sales persons. Training will be provided. Some older, responsible teens enjoy this job.

Runners (a good job for teens): Throughout the convention we have need of people to run errands and fill in with assistance as needed. This job is perfect for teens 16 and older.

Used Curriculum Exchange: Huge numbers of books need to be sorted at the Used Curriculum Exchange.

Tear down crew: Saturday afternoon, June 21st. Help the vendors move out their products when the exhibit hall closes at 4:15 p.m. This job is one of heavy lifting and physical labor. Please do not volunteer to do this if you have health problems or are pregnant.

Used Curriculum Exchange Volunteers: Volunteers are needed Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday to help organize the books for the Used Curriculum Exchange.

Sign up to volunteer when you register for the conference. Or if you are already registered, call 503-288-1285 to volunteer.

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