2021 OCEANetwork

Homeschool Encouragement Event

You are doing important work to raise up and educate your children well. Get encouragement and support for the journey! 

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What is the 2021
OCEANetwork Homeschool Encouragement Event?

Our mission at OCEANetwork is not only to protect and expand your homeschool freedoms in Oregon, but also to encourage and equip you for the important work of teaching and discipleship!

Starting June 1, enjoy a month of inspiration, practical help, and resources for your family.

  • Popular homeschool speakers
  • Includes new content just for OCEANetwork
  • Resources and deals from favorite homeschool exhibitors 
  • Fun giveaways, freebies, and interviews on Facebook
  • FREE for all Oregon homeschoolers
  • Enjoy from the comfort of your home

Brand new content for this event only!

Session Schedule

Sessions will go live on this page and on OCEANetwork social media on scheduled days as indicated below. Be sure to sign up for weekly email notifications from OCEANetwork so you don’t miss any!

(Note: As a gift from OCEANetwork, speaker sessions will remain free and available for viewing indefinitely!)

Facebook Bonuses & Interviews!

Throughout June, enjoy giveaways, freebies, and more in our Facebook group! We’ll also host live interviews on our FB page and share replays here.

Facebook Bonuses and Interviews!

Throughout June, enjoy giveaways, freebies, and more in our Facebook group! We’ll also host live interviews on our Facebook page and share replays here.

June 1

Tauna Meyer - OCEANetwork

Tauna Meyer - OCEANetwork

Start Homeschooling with Confidence

Want to start homeschooling but feel overwhelmed? Tauna shares all the info you need to start strong, as well as important Oregon laws and requirements to be aware of. Learn more about Tauna at OCEANetwork.

June 3

Peggy Ployhar - SPED

Peggy Ployhar - SPED

Shielding Your Family Through Uncertain Times

Has your family been struggling in life or homeschooling this year? Peggy shares godly encouragement and insight to persevere with faith. Learn more about Peggy and SPED.

June 8

Israel Wayne - Family Renewal, LLC.

Israel Wayne - Family Renewal, LLC.

Parenting Influence Vs. Control

Israel shares the importance of using the right method at the right time so that we are parenting with influence and getting to the heart of the matter, rather than just from a desire to control. Learn more about Israel and Family Renewal.

June 10

Lee Binz - The HomeScholar

Lee Binz - The HomeScholar

Homeschooling is a Gift

Homeschooling is definitely full of challenges, but it’s also a huge blessing in many ways! Get encouragement for your journey from Lee Binz. Learn more about Lee and The HomeScholar.

June 15

Faith Berens - Faith-Filled Homeschooling

Faith Berens - Faith-Filled Homeschooling

Benefits and Blessings of Home Education for Students with Unique Learning Needs

Homeschooling a special needs student! Don’t miss this session with encouragement and practical tips! Learn more about Faith.

June 17

Norm Wakefield - Elijah Ministries

Norm Wakefield - Elijah Ministries

Live to Love

Homeschooling is the ideal setting for making disciples who live to love with Jesus. In this session, Norm plants the seeds of love, then helps us recognize the weeds that need to be pulled out if we are to love like He loves, and concludes by teaching us how to live to love like Jesus loves. Learn more about Norm and Elijah Ministries.

June 22

Tj Schmidt - HSLDA

Tj Schmidt - HSLDA

Protecting Private Home Education

Homeschooling is about freedom and we must protect private home education in Oregon in order to preserve those freedoms. Learn from HSLDA’s Oregon representative about this important topic as well as creating PDPs for special needs. Learn more about Tj and HSLDA.

June 24

Bill Jack - Worldview Academy

Bill Jack - Worldview Academy

Worldview and Critical Thinking

Bill shares about how to help you guide your children in recognizing different worldviews. He’ll also give you four essential questions to apply critical thinking to any topic. Learn more about Bill and Worldview Academy.

June 29

Danika Cooley - Thinking Kids Press

Danika Cooley - Thinking Kids Press

Teach Your Child to Love the Bible

Teaching our children about God and His Word are the most important things we can do as parents! Danika gives practical tips for making it a regular part of your homeschool and family life. Learn more about Danika and Thinking Kids Press.

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  • Non-profit volunteer organization established in 1986.
  • Continually monitors legislation that can impact your homeschool freedoms.
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  • Hosts in-person and online events to encourage and equip homeschoolers.
Meet Our Event Sponsor

Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Right to Life advocates for the most vulnerable human beings whose right to life is denied or abridged under current law. We work to reestablish protection for all innocent human life from conception to natural death. They provide education, advocacy, student leadership programs, and have been exhibitors at the OCEANetwork conference for years.