Aaron and Tauna Meyer

Aaron and Tauna Meyer

Aaron and Tauna Meyer are members of the OCEANetwork leadership team and homeschool parents of 6 children. They have a passion for educating their kids for the glory of God and encouraging other families to do the same. They’re also computer nerds and Lego lovers with a Sci Fi streak.

Aaron works at Apple as a technician and serves on the preaching team in the Meyers’ home church. Tauna nurtures and educates little people at home. She is also the Digital Communications Manger for OCEANetwork and owner/writer at ProverbialHomemaker.com.

Aaron & Tauna’s workshop at the 2019 OCEANetwork conference

  • Technology in Your Homeschool: Safety, Balance, and Some Cool Ideas – How can you enjoy the benefits of technology in your homeschool without the potential dangers and strife it can sometimes bring with it? Join Aaron and Tauna for a fun session with ideas for using technology as well as tips and principles that will help you do so in a safe and balanced way.

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