Apple Pie Day!

May 2, 2019 | Salem, OR

Connecting with legislators at the Capitol is an important activity for promoting homeschool freedoms in Oregon! Come visit them, tour the Capitol, attend a rally, learn about our state government, sing in the Statewide Homeschool Choir, and meet home educators from all over Oregon. It’s an exciting and educational experience for the whole family.

4/27/19 Apple Pie Day Update! Purchase parking passes in Basement Room 49.
For $15, you can park for the whole day! See the Where to Go section below for more information on parking and directions. 

Hear Jay and Heidi St. John at the Noontime Rally!

Come hear Jay and Heidi St. John during the noontime rally at Apple Pie Day this year!

A favorite speaker and author, Heidi St. John is the author of seven books and the founder of The Busy Mom and MomStrong International. Jay and Heidi are also the founders and executive directors of Firmly Planted Family Ministries, a parachurch organization dedicated to training and equipping parents to disciple their children by focusing on “the things of first importance” (1 Cor 15:3). The St. Johns travel and speak together throughout the year, encouraging couples in their marriages and training and equipping parents to disciple their children as part of their daily family life, using God’s Word as their primary vehicle for spiritual growth and discussion.

What is Apple Pie Day?

Apple Pie Day happens during legislative years (every other year) and is a time when homeschoolers in Oregon come together to visit legislators and the governor, delivering home-baked apple pies and packets of information promoting home education. Apple Pie Day is a wonderful way for families to participate in efforts to protect and expand homeschool freedoms in Oregon!

Each legislative session new Representatives and Senators fill the halls of the Capitol. These are the men and women who enact laws impacting our families. It is important that they get a chance to meet homeschool families from their district and learn how much you value your freedom to homeschool.

Apple Pie Day makes visiting your legislators easy. You bring an apple pie and we provide the information on homeschooling. Then you take your whole family to meet your legislators. They will be delighted to meet your well behaved children and you can tell them how much you appreciate the freedom we have to home educate in Oregon!


Things to Do & FAQ

Expand the items below to find out about available activities, answers to frequently asked questions, & contact info.

Make an appointment with your legislators
It’s simple. . . . Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Oregon State Legislature’s web site (after entering your address, click on the Senate or House tabs) to determine the name, address and phone number of your State Senator and State Representative. Or you can contact your county elections board for this information.
  2. Call or email both of your State Senator and State Representative’s offices to schedule a 10 to 15 minute appointment for your family or a group from your area on Thursday, May 2, 2019. (Apple Pie Day).
  3. Email ApplePieDay@gmail.com. and let us know:
    a) who you are visiting,
    b) what time your appointment is, and
    c) if you plan on bringing a homemade, freshly-baked apple pie for your legislators or if you will need to have Salem homeschoolers supply one.

Our legislators are citizens just like you. You do not need to be intimidated when you visit them. They are, however, very busy people. You should keep your appointment to 10 to 15 minutes. If they stand up, you know that is your signal to take your leave. Legislators like to hear from their constituents, but make sure you respect their time.

Bake an apple pie for the event

{We’ve met our goal for pies! Thank you for everyone who is contributing.) Bake a pie (or two) and bring it to the Hospitality Room (room 350 on the third floor) between 8 and 10 a.m. We need a total of 120 pies. While some families bring their pie with them, others travel from too far. Still other legislators do not get visits from families from their district, and we need to take pies to them. We need lots of extra pies.

If you can bake a couple of pies to be used on Apple Pie Day, contact Wes and Deborah Butler at ApplePieDay@gmail.com.

The first person to let us know they have a legislative appointment can deliver a pie to their legislator. Otherwise, we will not have enough pies for each office!

Let us know if you’d like to deliver a pie to a legislator who doesn’t have any appointments!

Visit the Home Educators' Hospitality Room

There will be a Home Educators’ Hospitality Room open (room 350 on the third floor) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Sign in at the table in the Hospitality Room before you visit your legislator; get a schedule; and orient yourself to the Capitol. Get your pie wrapped, pick up some tips on visiting your legislator and a Home Education Freedom Works sticker to wear.

If you are planning to attend the Opening of the House of Representatives or the Opening of the Senate, sign up in Room 350 before 10:30am to have your legislator introduce your family during the Opening!

Join the Apple Pie Day Noontime Rally

Join together with hundreds of other home educators from across the state and bring your family to participate in the bi-annual Home Education Rally. This year we will hear from Jay and Heidi St. John. Be inspired by our special Statewide Home School Choir.

The noon-hour rally will be held on the front steps (on the Court Street side) of the Capitol Building, beginning at 12 noon. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds of the Capitol and move to the Capitol steps by 11:45 a.m. Let’s make history together!

There will be homeschool friendly legislators visiting.

Have your student sing with the Statewide Homeschool Choir
Homeschool choirs and individuals from around Oregon are invited to join together to provide musical entertainment for this year’s rally on the Capitol steps.

Children must be 7 and older.

Choir Rehearsal Location:

10:00 a.m – 11:30 a.m.
First United Methodist Church
600 State St Salem, OR 97301
(Two blocks west of the Capitol.)

Choir should wear any combination of red, white, and blue. (No t-shirts, please.)

Your kids can practice ahead of time so they’re ready to perform! Here are our selections this year!

If your student is planning on singing in the Statewide Homeschool Choir or if you have questions contact:

Dallas Dubke

or Holly Butler
503-269-1425 (text)

Tour the Capitol Building, Tower, and Supreme Court

OCEANetwork has prearranged several fun, informative tours for you to enjoy on Apple Pie Day.

(Although tour sign ups are full, feel free to do a self-guided tour of the Capitol building.)

{Full} The Capitol Building Tour describes the legislative process, the history of the Capitol and the Capitol Building.

{Full} The Capitol Tower Tour will go through the legislative process, some history of the Capitol and take families up the tower to the base of the golden pioneer.

{Full} The Supreme Court Tour educates about the judicial process and history of the Court. (Supreme Court tours are tentatively scheduled for 10:00am and 2:00pm.)

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Contact Deborah Butler at 503-932-0514 to sign up, or email ApplePieDay@gmail.com. You may also sign up on Apple Pie Day at the Tour Signup Table in the Galleria, but please note, tour times are on a first-come, first-served basis, and they fill up quickly.

Have your older students be Apple Pie Day Guides

We need some older students to be guides for homeschool families. They will stand at strategic places in the Capitol to answer questions, give directions to homeschool families and run errands for the Apple Pie Day staff. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Wes or Deborah Butler at 503-932-0514 or email them at ApplePieDay@gmail.com

Volunteer to help in the Homeschoolers Hospitality Room
We need lots of volunteers on Apple Pie Day in the Hospitality Room (room 350 on the third floor). We have to sign in homeschool families, wrap apple pies, deliver pies, keep refreshments available and keep the room picked up. We need lots of hands to make Apple Pie Day work. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Wes or Deborah Butler at 503-873-3159 (message), 503-932-0514 (text) or email them at ApplePieDay@gmail.com
Have your older students serve as Honorary Pages
Students 12 years and older can spend a day serving as Honorary Pages in the House or Senate. These students receive a briefing on the legislative process and Oregon’s history, become oriented to the Capitol, and run errands for legislators. Visit the Oregon Legislature’s Honorary Page website for details on how your student can sign up to be an honorary page. When making application, let them know that you are a homeschooler who will be in Salem on May 2nd as part of Home Education Week in Oregon and that you would like to serve as an Honorary Page. These opportunities fill up fast, so sign up soon.

Visit the Oregon Legislature’s Honorary Page website as soon as possible.

Study Oregon with your family
Apple Pie Day provides a good reason to study about Oregon with your family. Betsy Ray and Susan Buck have written an Oregon Study Guide for OCEANetwork. The main guide by Betsy Ray contains ideas for study, questions to spur deeper thinking, lists of books, web sites and field trip possibilities. The unit study by Susan Buck is designed to focus the disciplines of learning (reading, writing, science, etc.) on the topic of Oregon. The Oregon Study Guide can be used by all grade levels with the parent adapting the work to the age and abilities of the student. Even if you don’t use the complete study guide, you will appreciate the list of field trip possibilities and information on how Oregon government works just in time for your trip to Salem on Apple Pie Day.

Here’s what one mom said about the study guide:

Just finished the Oregon study curriculum with our Co-op group. We have many ages and adapted it to our group’s needs. We had a lot of fun! Last week the older children served as pages in the House of Representatives while the younger children had a tour, visited committee meetings and the floor session then met with our representative, Vic Gilliam. We even got an invite to Co-Speaker Hanna’s office for a visit! We will finish up with a tour of the McLouglin House soon. We learned A LOT about Oregon history!

      • ~

M.H., Silverton

Contact Information
General Information & Bake a Pie
Wes and Deborah Butler
Wes 503-932-0692 (text)
Deborah 503-932-0514 (text)

Join the Statewide Choir
Holly Butler
503-269-1425 (text)


Dallas Dubke

Tours of the Capitol
Deborah Butler

Apple Pie Day Guides
Deborah Butler

Student page at Capitol
Visit the Oregon Legislature’s Honorary Page website as soon as possible.

Where to Go

900 Court St NE
Salem, OR 97301

City Parking Passes:
Purchase these in Basement Room 49.
For $15, you can park for the whole day!

Metered Parking:
There are 2-hour and 10-hour visitor meters located around the Capitol which are approximately $1.50 per hour (cards or change).

Apple Pie Day Schedule

(Download a printable version of the schedule.)

May 2, 2019

Apple Pie Day is like a large open house for home educators at the Capitol. Come when you can and leave when you have to. You’ll find many activities to do during the day.

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Home Educators’ Hospitality Room open (Room 350 on the third floor)
Please sign in and/or check in your pie!

Display tables in Galleria
“An Apple from the Teacher”

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Galleria Display Tables
– Tour information for those who have pre-registered (Tours are full.)
– OCEANetwork – “An Apple for the Teacher”
– HSLDA Compassion, H.E.L.P., Exodus Books, Corban University, Salem Upbeat Music, Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, SACHSN

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

{Tours Full} Capitol Building, Capitol Tower, Supreme Court
Although all tour sign ups are now full, feel free to do a self-guided building tour using the brochures available here and at the Information Kiosk.

10:00 a.m. – 11:30 A.M.

Statewide Choir Rehearsal
First United Methodist Church
600 State St Salem, OR 97301

10 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

Legislative Class #1 (Room 350 on the third floor)
Daniel Russell: “How a Bill Becomes a Law”

11:00 a.m.

House of Representatives / Senate Openings
Salem Upbeat Music
– Sing in the House of Representatives

12 noon

Homeschool Noontime Rally – Capitol Steps
– Jay & Heidi St. John, Speakers / Worship
– State-Wide Home School Choir
– Appearance by Legislator

1:00 p.m.

Hearings to be announced – Check status at Information Kiosk

1:30 P.M. – 2:30 P.M.

Legislative Class #2 (Room 350 on the third floor)
Deborah Lee: “The History of Homeschooling in Oregon”

3:00 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.

{Tours Full} Late informal building tour with Wes Butler
Although all tour sign ups are now full, feel free to do a self-guided building tour using the brochures available here and at the Information Kiosk.

A Few Notes Before You Arrive

In addition to all the activities listed above, OCEANetwork staffs a table in the Galleria of the Capitol where we hand out information about home education to the public and give everyone “an apple from the teacher.” We hope to help legislators and the general public understand how well home education works!.

Families often wonder how they should dress and behave while in Salem. Quiet, polite, friendly behavior, and dresses, skirts or nice slacks for girls and ladies and shirts and ties for men and boys are appropriate.

A Special Thank You

These efforts take many hours of volunteer time. OCEANetwork has assembled a dynamic committee to spearhead this effort: Wes & Deborah Butler, Dallas Dubke, and Holly Butler. We wish to thank them for their devotion to home education freedoms.

But Apple Pie Day would be nothing without the dedication of home educators from around Oregon. You make a lasting impression on your legislators when you travel to Salem to meet them. Together we can make the difference that will ensure continued freedom for all Oregon home educating families!

Sponsor Home Education Week!

Home Education Week in Oregon is a huge undertaking. Help fund this event. You can donate online or send your tax-deductible contributions to OCEANetwork, PO Box 262, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Your contributions will go far toward protecting home education freedoms in Oregon.


Photo Credit: Photos from past Apple Pie Day events shown here were taken by Holly Butler.