Ashley Wiggers

Ashley Wiggers

Ashley Wiggers grew up in the early days of the homeschooling movement. She was taught by her late mother, Debbie Strayer, who was an educator, speaker and the author of numerous homeschooling materials. It was through Debbie’s encouragement and love that Ashley learned the value of being homeschooled.

Currently, Ashley is the Editor-in-Chief of Homeschooling Today magazine, Public Relations Director for Geography Matters and the author of the Profiles from History series. Ashley makes her home in Somerset, KY, with her loving husband and their two boys.

Ashley’s workshop at the 2019 OCEANetwork conference
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  • 10 Benefits of a Natural Approach to Teaching – The natural approach to learning is founded on the desire to follow your child’s developmentally appropriate timetable. This approach is based on proven educational principles from Dr. Ruth Beechick, Charlotte Mason, Dr. Benjamin Bloom and others. Natural learning does not mean learning without goals or structure. It means learning is customized, multi-sensory and engaging. Come to this workshop to hear the top ten reasons why a natural approach will enable you and your family to flourish.


  • The Importance of Understanding Learning Styles – Our goal as homeschoolers is to teach as effectively as possible, so it can be stressful when the lessons we teach aren’t understood, or our children seem frustrated. Come to this workshop to learn how to overcome obstacles that may limit your ability to teach, and your children’s ability to understand. Shared from the perspective of the student, Ashley will provide tips that can help your children achieve their greatest learning success.

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