iElect Teen Conference Program: Generation Joshua’s Presidential Election Simulation


This year, students attending the OCEANetwork Conference get the chance to participate in iElect; a presidential election simulation hosted by Generation Joshua. iElect breaks the mold for civics/government education by immersing teens in the world of campaign politics in a highly engaging and adventure-filled format.   




Over the course of two days, students will learn the mechanics of a presidential election cycle. This includes: drafting party platforms, participating in primaries, fundraising, advertising, campaigning, and turning out the vote. They can choose between running for president themselves or supporting one of their fellow students.


Parents attending the conference become the voting public as well as the source of in-simulation fundraising (you will receive loads of prop money and will turn into a highly sought-after donor. Yes, it’s awesome.). This blending of education, competition, and fun creates a learning experience like no other. 


During each phase of the program, students will learn how a real election works by participating in the parties and the process and making important decisions that could make or break their campaign. This unique approach allows them to invest in the experience and apply the concepts they are learning in real time. 


Note: iElect registration has been EXTENDED! Register for by email through Sunday, June 23rd by contacting mail@oceanetwork.org. You can also register for the program at the door before 9am on Friday, June 28th.


We are excited to offer this program for the first time at OCEANetwork, and we know your students will have a blast! 


iElect registration is now closed.