Joel Thomas

Joel & Roxanna Thomas

Joel has been teaching science since 2000. He started traveling and teaching science as a Sophomore in High School. After graduating with a degree in education, Joel taught for a period of time in a formal classroom setting, then moved outside to direct outdoor school programs on the Oregon Coast. After nearly ten years, he started Glen’s Gizmos alongside his wife, Roxanna, and they have been blessed to travel and teach together. After observing the failing state of the public education system over the last ten years, they started the Glen’s Gizmos Homeschool Hubs in Castle Rock and Vancouver, Washington, and Newberg, Oregon. They have observed that homeschooling clearly works better for children and families than the public school system. They now serve homeschoolers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond through labs, TV Shows with Awesome Science Media, curriculum development, and family outdoor school programs.


Pilot Remote Submersibles!
Glen’s Gizmos will be bringing a water feature where kids can try their hand at piloting remote submersibles! It’s one of many activities in their new program called Genesis Expeditions, providing field trips and one of a kind opportunities for families studying God’s Creation in the Pacific Northwest.

Phase Changes: Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice (x2)
We will have fun studying changes between Gases, Liquids, and Solids using liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and even dihydrogen monoxide. We will even send you home with a little “grape plasma” microwave experiment and answer questions including: Why are phase changes important? Why did God make things so they can “freeze”? What happens to the heat and energy? Is there a relationship between pressure and temperature?

Astronomy: Stars, Hydrogen, and Light
Let’s consider light. What are the laws that govern how light works? Is light energy or matter? What happens when light travels through different mediums? What does the Bible say about light? Is there order and purpose in the universe? How does a clear atmosphere speak to the existence of our Creator? We will answer these questions and more while synthesizing hydrogen gas, playing with lasers, and more.

Frog Dissection (x2)
Join us as we learn about a frog’s internal and external anatomy. Let’s answer some questions like: Why do frogs croak? How do they breathe? What is so special about amphibians? What is complete and incomplete metamorphosis? Where do frogs store fat? How strong are frog legs? How can I distinguish between a male and female frog using their “thumbs”?

Endo and Exothermic Reactions (x2)
Together we will experiment with chemical reactions that absorb heat and release heat. Some will release energy with explosive results! Explosions seem so disorganized, is God really a God of order if things can “explode” so easily? What is entropy, and how does it point to our Creator? How do cold and hot packs work? What is elephant toothpaste anyway?


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