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Colene Lewis

Colene Lewis is a teacher, mentor, speaker, and curriculum developer. She is passionate about equipping and inspiring parents, teachers, and students to live cultivated lives—lives of purpose and full of learning.

Colene homeschooled her three daughters through high school in a home where learning was a joy and a way of life. Each earned academic scholarships to college where they excelled in diverse fields of biology, engineering, English, political science, and law. More importantly, all three women are walking with the Lord and raising their own families now.

Colene is the co-author of GO GLOBAL, a one-of-a-kind world geography curriculum geared to children between ages 5-8 based on living books, hands-on activities, and cross-culture exploration. She is also the co-author of Russia: The Land of Endurance, published by KONOS.


Educational Styles and Curriculum 
You might feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but it can all be explained! This session will give you a brief overview of educational styles and curricula choices to help you navigate which way to go. Different styles are for different people, and we will give you an honest evaluation of the various choices with the pros and cons of each type. Tips to discern who you are, who your children are, and what will work for you will help you to hone in on appropriate choices for your year.

Homeschooling and Still Loving Each Other (with Heather Haupt)
One of the perks of homeschooling is the opportunity families have to build relationships. Learning to live and learn together, 24-7, provides a wonderful environment where relationships are cultivated. It isn’t always easy, but the benefits are well worth the effort! Heather and Colene provide an honest look at how to thrive in the beautiful, but sometimes messy world of living and learning together.

Homeschooling Teens – Tips That Work
Most teens crave to be independent, express their opinions, and control their lives. Wise parents will channel these tendencies to propel homeschooling forward. Learn how to start communicating with your teen to work together on your teen’s homeschool strategy.

Transcripts: Simple and Effective 
Writing a transcript is like tying a beautiful bow on the gift of homeschooling high school. Learn how to simply and effectively construct a transcript that provides direction as you are planning and teaching high school, colleges appreciate and accept, and gives satisfying closure on your homeschool experience. Find out what colleges want, how to count community college, and how to assign credits and compute GPA.

Launch and Let Go
Failure to launch is a national phenomenon. The final goal is to launch our child into their future is not an event; it is a long process that starts from the early years. Come and learn principles and practical ideas that will help prepare you and your child for that transference into successful, independent adulthood.

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