Do Your Homework (Prepare to Homeschool)

When you homeschool, you are responsible for your child’s education. This should not be entered into lightly. It is a serious business. Are you prepared? Prepare to homeschool with these tips!

There are methods of teaching, styles of learning, types of curriculum and long-term goals that need to be considered. The OCEANetwork blog has tips to help you sort through your many options and choices when homeschooling.

“What curriculum do I use?” is usually the first question beginning homeschoolers ask. Homeschoolers don’t suffer from a lack of material to use. In fact, there are almost too many options. We’ve tried to group curriculum by categories based on educational methodology in our brochure “Choosing Curriculum.”

Read several books on homeschooling. Pick authors and approaches that you agree with. From a distinctly Christian point of view, OCEANetwork recommends authors like Chris Klicka, Cathy Duffy, Mike Farris, or Chris Davis. You can view our annotated recommended reading list for titles.

Many people are concerned that they will receive resistance from local school authorities when they begin to homeschool. Or because your child has some special needs, a social worker or health provider might object to your decision. You are the parent. You have the responsibility and the authority to make the decision to homeschool. We recommend that all families join Home School Legal Defense Association and turn all of those worries over to a group of Christian homeschool attorneys who have served homeschool families nation-wide since 1984.