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Understanding Learning Styles in Your Homeschool

We all learn differently. Understanding and capitalizing on your child’s learning style will make learning easier and more enjoyable for your homeschool children. Many studies have been done on how people learn and there are several ways of categorizing learning...

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Homeschool Methods and Teaching Styles

Nowadays there are as many styles of homeschooling as there are homeschool families. When first starting out, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information and resources out there. Where do we start? One helpful way to begin planning your homeschool...

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Resilient Homeschooling: Persevering Through the Hard Times

If you are struggling right now and not sure if you can continue homeschooling, this post is for you! "Resilient Homeschooling" is a Homeschooling in Oregon Spotlight for OCEANetwork written by Jackie Whitesell, homeschooling mom of 10 years in Pendleton, OR. We know...

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