Apple Pie Day!

We are currently looking at our options for the 2021 Apple Pie Day, knowing that the Capitol is closed to the public. We’re considering a few exciting possibilities! 


Please join us in praying for wisdom and opportunities as we consider how to connect with legislators at the Capitol this year, which is an important effort in preserving homeschool freedoms in Oregon. Sign up for updates from OCEANetwork and we will keep you informed when plans are solidified! 

What is Apple Pie Day?

Apple Pie Day happens during legislative years (every other year) and is a time when homeschoolers in Oregon come together to visit legislators and the governor, delivering home-baked apple pies and packets of information promoting home education. Apple Pie Day is a wonderful way for families to participate in efforts to protect and expand homeschool freedoms in Oregon!

Each legislative session new Representatives and Senators fill the halls of the Capitol. These are the men and women who enact laws impacting our families. It is important that they get a chance to meet homeschool families from their district and learn how much you value your freedom to homeschool.

Apple Pie Day makes visiting your legislators easy. You bring an apple pie and we provide the information on homeschooling. Then you take your whole family to meet your legislators. They will be delighted to meet your well behaved children and you can tell them how much you appreciate the freedom we have to home educate in Oregon!


Photo Credit: Photos from past Apple Pie Day events shown here were taken by Holly Butler.