Apple Pie Day

For homeschoolers, the Apple Pie Day event is about much more than apples. One of the most important goals of the day is connecting homeschoolers with their own legislators. Senators and Representatives appreciate the opportunity to see and meet actual homeschooling families from their district.


The primary purpose of the pies is so the family delivering the pie can meet and talk with their legislator. Whenever possible, pies are delivered by a constituent homeschool family in order to establish a connection with their legislator.  This important contact provides context for future communication when legislation arises that could impact homeschooling.


OCEANetwork hosts Apple Pie Day at the Capitol every other year (during long legislative session years). The next Apple Pie Day is planned for 2023. On other years, we try to host a shorter event – the Oregon Homeschool Capitol Day. We hope you join us!

Photo Credit: Photos from past Apple Pie Day events shown here were taken by Holly Butler.